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Attractions in Wroclaw – how to actively spend a weekend in Wroclaw

Wrocław is a wonderful city, there is no doubt that everyone who visits Wrocław for the weekend will not be bored there, there are many wonderful places worth visiting. There are many attractions not only for tourists, but also for people who live in Wrocław. We are sure that even if you know this beautiful city, you haven’t had time to visit all these attractions.

Things to do in Wroclaw for the first time

All visitors to Wroclaw for the first time we encourage you to visit the biggest tourist attractions in Wroclaw. We do not mean only seeing the sights, although in Wroclaw such sites is missing. Visit unique places that are characteristic of Wroclaw. The most interesting of them include:

The capital of Lower Silesia offers a lot of entertainment, mainly all kinds of sports, more or less amateur. In any case, there is a lot to choose from, from a relaxing massage in the SPA, to extreme sports such as bungee jumping


Wrocławskie Centrum Spa

It is a swimming pool complex located in a historic building at ul. Teatralna. The facility offers many attractions in Wrocław, mn. Fitness, Aerobics or biological regeneration treatments



It is definitely a place for active people. The facility offers not only a sports swimming pool, but also recreational pools, jacuzzi and even an extensive network of water slides. This is a great place for any weather



One of the attractions in Wroclaw is the squash center, which is located near the city center. You can play badminton, tanis or sqasha there


Wspinaczka Bulderingowa

For fans of more active entertainment, we have something special, i.e. a climbing wall, the staff will surely tell you how to get started if you visit this place for the first time

Park Linowy

Wrocław is one of the few cities where there is a rope park, it is a great attraction for adrenaline seekers. The park is open only in the summer season, it is located on a special island


One of the attractions in Wrocław is a bungee jump. It is a sport for people with high resistance to nerves and who are not afraid of challenges. Jumping is organized in the city stadium

Things to do in Wroclaw with the bike?

Most of the attractions in Wrocław are located near the city center, but it is an area of constantly forming traffic jams. There are days when Wrocław’s public transport cannot cope, and recently there are quite a few such days. Therefore, if you do not intend to enter buildings and spend long hours inside, it is worth considering the solution of visiting attractions in Wrocław by bike. You can rent a bike using the city’s bicycle network or book it directly with us and pick it up at the tourist information point at Rynek 14.

For people who value comfort and comprehensiveness of solutions, we have a different offer: visiting Wrocław with a melex. In just a few hours you can see the most interesting places in Wrocław, and thanks to specially prepared routes by local guides, you can learn interesting facts about the life and history of Wrocław

Book a bike and see the most interesting attractions in Wrocław

Wrocław is a city shrouded in history from centuries ago, if you spend a weekend in Wrocław, you should definitely visit a few of them. Museums cover a wide variety of topics, so we are sure that everyone will find something for themselves. There are over 100 of them in the capital of Lower Silesia. The most interesting are:

Panorama Racławicka

This is one of the attractions in Wrocław that is breathtaking, so much has to be said about it. A huge picture showing the panorama of the Battle of Racławice, one of the battles won in the Kościuszko campaign, is Wrocław's greatest treasure

Muzeum Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

It is an attraction for every architecture and art enthusiast, two of the most beautiful baroque halls that are located in Wrocław are located in a branch of this museum. Aula Leopoldina and the Mathematical Tower are two reasons why everyone should visit this museum.

Centrum historii Zajedznia

It is an important historical site associated with the political changes in Poland during the rule of the Polish People's Republic and the post-war period, the exhibitions here are mainly souvenirs from that period and a great lesson in living history that happens before our eyes.

Muzeum Pana Tadeusza

It is located in one of the town houses on the market square. Observant observers will surely be attracted to the sight of the figures moving to the rhythm of the polonaise in the windows of the tenement house. However, these are not dancing couples, but a special art installation


Museum organized inside the old train station. You can admire models of electric railways from around the world.


A museum with books, or rather a huge library of patricians from Wrocław and Ossoliński

Muzeum Narodowe

All the most interesting collections of Wrocław in one place, the national museum

Hydropolis we Wrocławiu

It is an unusual interactive museum, during which you can enter the world of water

Jakie muzea odwiedzić będąc na weekend we Wrocławiu

Muzeum Miejskie Wrocławia

In the city museum of Wrocław you can admire many monuments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the museum is located in a beautiful palace at ul. Casimir the great

Muzeum Motoryzacji Zamek Topacz

Every motoring fan will be speechless with delight, in the nearby town there is a museum of vintage vehicles. There are over 100 vintage cars and the property is located on a picturesque lake

Muzeum Sztuki współczesnej

This is an object that will surprise many visitors. However, the temporary exhibitions sent from all over the world are the most sensational

Arsenał we Wrocławiu

The former Wrocław armory, despite the passage of centuries, its function has not changed, and it is still used for storing various weapons

How to plan a trip to the museum - attractions in Wroclaw

When visiting Wrocław, it is worth knowing about organized actions and promotions, most museums have permanent promotions, often these are specially designated days when tickets are cheaper or even free. There is also an annual campaign promoting visiting museums – a night at the museum. This action is organized in May, at the beginning of the season. This is the night during which admission to all museums in Wrocław is free.


Attractions in Wroclaw for people who like nature

If you are in Wrocław for a weekend, but you are fed up with the city and need a rest in nature, nothing easier. We have several places here, thanks to which you will forget about everyday matters for a moment and you will be able to breathe fresh air. The most famous attractions of this type in Wrocław are:

Wroclaw parks - the perfect place for a Sunday walk

There are several dozen parks in Wrocław. Currently, green areas and recreational areas with extensive leisure architecture attract many walkers. However, few people know about the history of these places. Most of the parks previously served as Wrocław necropolises. Most of them less than 100 years ago looked completely different.

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Comfortable Apartments

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Zoo in Wrocław – the largest zoo in Poland

Zoo in Wrocław - the largest zoo in Poland

The zoo in Wrocław is unique. It is the oldest Zoological Garden in Poland, and the fifth most visited zoo in the world, with a daily entry record of 28,300 people. The zoo has 10,500 animals from 1,132 species. In this category, it is the third largest zoo in the world. This place covers an area of 33 hectares. Many tourists are not able to visit this place in one day, so we propose to divide this trip into 2 days.

Ogród ten wpisano do prestiżowych stowarzyszeń – Światowego Stowarzyszenia Ogrodów Zoologicznych i Akwariów oraz Europejskiego Stowarzyszenia Ogrodów Zoologicznych i Akwariów.

Places to visit in the ZOO in Wrocław

Africarium - ZOO in Wrocław

The Afrikanarium consists of 19 reservoirs with an area of 4.6 thousand square meters. About 100 species of animals live in the water, in which you can admire, among others: jellyfish, penguins, crocodiles, rays and many more. The Afrikanarium is the only facility of this type in Europe, tourists from all over Europe come here. The construction of the Africanarium amounted to PLN 220 million.

Attractions - ZOO in Wrocław

The zoo is divided into 12 sectors. One of them is the Africanarium mentioned above, and the other 11 are:


  • Monkey House: as the name suggests, this place is mostly inhabited by monkeys, but you can also meet squirrels and sloths here. You can see how the animals move, eat and how they relate to other inhabitants of this place.


  • Crocodile house: although the name says that you will find reptiles here, in fact you will meet here: meerkats, tricolor squirrels, African porcupines.


  • Madagascar Pavilion: here you will find small mammals from Madagascar. The biggest attraction is the lemurs.
    The Great Apes


  • Pavilion: there are chimpanzees and numerous educational boards.


  • Aviary: here there are many species of birds, such as waterfowl, grouse and parrots, such as the sapphire macaw.


  • Aquarium: here are beautifully arranged saltwater and freshwater aquariums. It was a former coach house. You can see there, among others: spotted tarantulas, piranhas and extinct Celebes ducks.


  • Sahara: this is the first point on the zoo route. Here you will meet animals from semi-arid and desert areas. The most interesting species is the saber-horned oryx (species of antelope), which no longer exists in nature. You can feel the real desert atmosphere here.


  • Ranch and Courtyard: this is the only place where livestock can be touched.


  • Terai: in this pavilion you can see: Indian rhinoceros, cap gibbons (apes) and gibbons (squirrels).
    Terrarium with Butterfly House and “Dragons of Indonesia”: you will find here many species of reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians. It is worth paying attention to the terrible leaf grass – a tiny frog with a very strong poison and a part in which tropical butterflies fly overhead.


  • Elephant house: you will meet beautiful Indian elephants and pygmy hippos here.
    Pavilion “Climate,


  • People, Animals”: this is the first pavilion in Poland where you will not find animals.


  • Multimedia exhibitions as well as multimedia games and activities have been created here. It is an ideal place for families with children.


Plan of the zoo in Wrocław


One should remember - ZOO in Wrocław

You are not allowed to feed the animals

It is forbidden to feed animals in the entire zoo

Lockable cabinets

You can leave small luggage in front of the Zoo. A deposit of PLN 5 is required.

Stroller for children

For PLN 10, you can rent a stroller for children.

Free toilets

There are free toilets adapted for the disabled in the Zoo.

Restaurants and cafes

Na terenie Zoo znajdziecie kilka restauracji i kawiarni.


The zoo has a shop with numerous souvenirs.


You can take photos throughout the facility.

Feeding times

Click here to find out about feeding times


There is a paid, 24-hour car park next to the zoo.

Price list and directions - ZOO in Wrocław

If you are looking for information on how to get there and what is the zoo’s price list, be sure to click on the link below: ZOO Wrocław – what you need to know

Are you planning a few days trip to Wrocław and looking for accommodation? Together with BatogoSpot you will find a comfortable apartment in the center of Wrocław. We have a wide range of good standard apartments that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests. Click here to see the offer.

Wroclaw card, the 603 dwarfs in Wroclaw

Dwarfs in Wrocław are a symbol of the city, tourists visiting the city compete in ideas for a photo with a dwarf. Every more famous place in Wrocław tries to get its own Dwarf. Currently, over 600 dwarfs live in the capital of Lower Silesia, there are also those that are outside the city near the more famous attractions of Lower Silesia. Dwarfs in Wrocław have made their homes for good, now there are over 600 of them, but there are more of them every day. But how did it all start?

The first of the theories tells the story of how an unbearable imp once reached the banks of the Oder on his raft. The prankster chose Wrocław as the target of his jokes, and the inhabitants of Wrocław, due to the fact that he had come to the city on a river, called him the Odrzański Chochlik. There was no end to pranks, and Chochlik disturbed the inhabitants of Wrocław at every step. The townspeople were fed up with the trickster. They couldn’t help it though, because Pixie was clever, quick and very small and was extremely hard to catch.

After some time, someone came up with the idea to ask the gnomes for help. At the beginning, the sprites also had a hard time. The trickster scared them and played pranks on them. In the end, however, the dwarfs managed to catch Chochlik and force him to leave the city. So the devil returned to his raft and left forever, or at least he has not been seen since then. In gratitude, and in case the prankster was to return, the inhabitants allowed the dwarfs to settle in Wrocław for good.

It all started in the 1980s. It was then that the first dwarfs appeared in the capital of Lower Silesia. The inhabitants of Wrocław started to paint an orange image resembling a dwarf on the walls of tenement houses. With a cap and a flower in hand. Today we would call it graffiti, but back then it was about more than that. It was the response of the movement called the orange alternative to the extremes of everyday life introduced by the Communist regime. The dwarf was supposed to symbolize a cheerful, mocking approach to the absurd regulations introduced by the rulers, so Wrocław dwarfs also had their share in the fall of communism.

The political system changed, and the dwarfs stayed in Wrocław for good. The form in which they are presented has changed a bit, but they could undoubtedly be the city’s landmark.


The first statue of a dwarf in Wrocław was erected in 2001. It was “Papa Dwarf” The figurine was funded by the Agora company and its purpose was to commemorate the Orange Alternative. The next figures were set up in 2005. There were five of them: Odra Washer, Fencer, Butcher, and also Syzyfki. Their author was Tomasz Moczek. The purpose of erecting subsequent figures was to increase the tourist attractiveness of places important to Wrocław, and that is how it all began.


How is it today - Dwarfs in Wrocław

Dwarfs have become a tourist attraction. Private enterprises, places of culture and restaurants, wanting to be more often visited by tourists, started to build their own gnomes. Currently, there are over 600 of them and their number is constantly growing.

The number of Dwarfs in Wrocław is large, and still growing, they can be found near the most important attractions of Wrocław. If you decided to visit the capital of Lower Silesia with children, it might be a good idea to look for Dwarfs in Wrocław. You can do this by purchasing a map of Krasnale at the tourist information point (Rynek 12) or in any souvenir shop. A trip to the Dwarfs in Wrocław can be a great family adventure and provide an unforgettable experience to all its participants.

Dwarfs are no longer just a showcase of Wrocław, it is probably a sign of the times and the effect of globalization. Dwarfs appear in other places in Lower Silesia. Moving around is much easier, and foreign tourists who want to see as much as possible also visit other places in Lower Silesia. So why not, tourism is growing. An example of such a dwarf from outside Wrocław can be a figurine on Mount Ślęża. Will the dwarfs soon become the hallmark of Lower Silesia? Or maybe they will conquer all of Poland?

Towers apartments description of the area and attractions in Wroclaw

Towers Apartments - attractions in Wroclaw

Our apartments at ul. Sikorskiego are located in the prestigious Atal Towers investment.

However, the apartment at ul. Podwale belongs to the Odra Tower investment.

The towers belonging to this complex have 18 floors, and on the top floor of the Atal Towers building there is an observation deck for residents, from which you can admire the Wrocław panorama. There are many attractions in Wrocław nearby

Towers and Okoliczne Attractions in Wroclaw


Our BatogoSpot Towers Apartments are located at ul. Sikorski and Podwale.

These are two adjacent buildings and, as you can see on the attached map, both are located at the very bank of the Oder.

Such a location of the investment undoubtedly adds to its charm and places it highly among Wrocław’s housing complexes.

Where is good to eat nearby? - attractions in Wroclaw

Regarding recommended restaurants in this area, we have two suggestions for you.

Fans of Italian flavors are invited to “Pinzabella” for a real Roman pizza!

The restaurant is located at ul. Sikorskiego 3G and is open every day from 12:00!

We especially recommend it to our guests from the apartments at ul. Sikorski, because you only need to get out of the cage and enter the next door to make a tasty journey to Rome.

acttractions-in wroclaw

You can taste delicious pizza here, and at the same time relax while watching the Odra river flow on a specially prepared terrace. We highly recommend spending an evening on the Oder – the atmosphere is magical!

For lovers of oriental flavors, we recommend the “Odra’zuu” restaurant at ul. Sikorskiego 7B.

You will find delicious bowls here, what’s more, this place also offers a breakfast menu. It is worth visiting them to gather strength for a later sightseeing of Wrocław.

The restaurant is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00,

and on weekends even until 22:00!


Odra’zuu, like Pinzabella, also has beautiful terraces to offer, where you can enjoy food and beautiful views!

Neon Side Gallery - attractions in Wroclaw


As part of the evening walk, it is worth visiting the backyard at ul. Ruska 46,

where it never gets dark. This is one of the most interesting attractions in Wrocław.

It is an alley located not all of 700 meters from Sikorskiego Street, where neon lights from all over the city have been placed after various renovations. Thanks to the initiative of the Neon Side Wrocław foundation, all these neon signs have been saved and they have become one of the greatest attractions in Wrocław. Had it not been for the foundation’s action, they would have been scrapped or forgotten, and the capital of Lower Silesia would not have gained the most illuminated yard in the region.

In addition to the light spectacle, you can sit there in nearby pubs and go back in time to the 60-70s, when neon lights were the most sought-after form of advertising!

Kolejkowo - attractions in Wroclaw

Kolejkowo are real worlds reduced in size. The moving trains, trams, and cars are just a part of the life going on there and one of the most interesting attractions in Wrocław. The mini residents in the queue go to work every day, do their shopping and in the evenings they devote themselves to the night life. Every 9 minutes it gets dark in the queue, and then street lamps come on, lights in buildings and life goes on.

It is a great place to look at the Wrocław market square and several districts of the city at once, and then admire the Karkonosze Mountains and climb to the top of Śnieżka!

This very original attraction of Wrocław is located at Orląt Lwowskich 20B Square (Świebodzki Railway Station).


Opening hours - Kolejkowo - attractions in Wroclaw

It is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00. Tickets can be purchased for entries that take place every 30 minutes.

Sightseeing of Wrocław – trips with Batogospot

Batogospot tours - sightseeing of Wrocław

Thanks to the cooperation with Best City Tour, we can offer you new services as part of accommodation in our apartment hotel. One of these services is a guided tour of Wrocław

Visiting Wrocław by electric car

one of the forms of trips around Wrocław is visiting Wrocław by car. It is worth spending some time on this form of tourism for several reasons. The first is that the tours are comprehensive, when you buy a tour, you can be sure that you will visit all the most important places in Wroclaw, and the guide will tell you the most interesting stories related to these places. It is also worth choosing a tour of Wrocław by electric car, because the planned trip can take place regardless of the weather.

Why is it worth it - sightseeing by electric car


Visiting Wrocław with a Guide where is the best place to start?

When planning a tour of Wrocław with a guide, it is best to make an appointment in advance by phone and meet in a designated place. However, there is also an opportunity for bargain hunters. If, while in the market square, you want to explore Wrocław by electric car, it is best to go to the Hansel and Gretel tenement house or salt square. Drivers are most often stationed there. You can easily recognize them and join the organized trip.

Visiting Wrocław with a Guide - Trip suggestions

Trip 1 – Old Town and Cathedral Island

Price: PLN 180 / 45E

Time: 1 hour

Route: Four denominations, Market Square, Old Town, University of Wrocław, Ostrów Tumski, Cathedral, Market Hall

If you want to quickly get to know the most important places on the tourist map of Wrocław, this tour is for you.

During the hour-long guided tour in an ecological electric vehicle, you will see over 20 of the most interesting monuments located in the Old Town and Ostrów Tumski.

A pleasant ride is also an ideal introduction to then an in-depth individual tour.

Tour 2 – Old Town and Cathedral Island, Centennial Hall, Japanese Garden, Multimedia Fountain

Price: 250 PLN / 65E

Time: 2 hours

Route: Four denominations district, Market Square, Old Town, University of Wrocław, Ostrów Tumski, Cathedral, Zwierzyniecki Bridge, Centennial Hall, Japanese Garden, Multimedia Fountain, Grunwald Bridge, Hala Targowa

Private tour

The most popular of our tours. We guarantee that you will love our city forever after this 2-hour trip!

We will show you over 30 unique places, including the monuments of the Old Town and the unique Ostrów Tumski, as well as the Centennial Hall, Pergolas and the Spire.

Tour 3 – Exclusive tour – all the most important attractions of Wroclaw – Old Town and Cathedral Island, Centennial Hall, Japanese Garden, Multimedia Fountain

Cena: 400 zł /100E

Czas: 3 godziny

Route: Four denominations district, Market Square, Old Town, University of Wrocław, Ostrów Tumski, Cathedral, Zwierzyniecki Bridge, Centennial Hall, Japanese Garden, Multimedia Fountain, Grunwald Bridge, Market Hall, Main Railway Station, Opera, City Museum

This is our most extensive sightseeing route, which we address to people who want to get to know Wrocław very thoroughly

During this 3-hour trip, we will show you nearly 40 of the most important places in Wrocław, both in the Old Town and Ostrów Tumski, as well as in the vicinity of the Centennial Hall and the Tolerance District.

Depending on your preferences, you will be able to see the interiors of the University, the city panorama from the Cathedral tower, or spend time in the beautiful Japanese Garden. Additionally, you will experience a unique multimedia fountain show in the Hala Stulecia complex.

Comfortably spent 3 hours, flexible route, plenty of information, nice time.

The route for the most demanding.


Don't wait! Call us and make an appointment to visit Wrocław today!

General rules - melex rental

When renting a melex, it should be noted that the rental price applies to the entire trip, usually a minimum of 5 people. By paying attention to this fact, we can easily calculate that the unit costs per person are quite low

Main Advantages - Sightseeing of Wrocław by Meleks

Best City Tours

Our main partner has been specializing in the organization of guided tours for 10 years. It has a wide fleet of electric tourist trolleys (melex) adapted to even the most demanding customers. Thanks to our experience, we can guarantee the highest quality of services.

Visiting Wrocław with a guide using electric vehicles is now becoming an increasingly popular form of tourism. Visiting Wrocław by electric car is particularly popular among foreign tourists visiting the capital of Lower Silesia. Thanks to experienced guides and the use of means of transport, a thorough tour of Wrocław in one day becomes possible, even for people who do not lead an active lifestyle.

Sightseeing of Wrocław by bike

If you like to spend time actively, we can also offer you a different way of visiting Wrocław by bike.

Price list - Something extra for active people

Don't wait! Call us and make an appointment to visit Wrocław today!

Where to rent - Wroclaw Cycling Tours

The collection of bicycles and the start of the bicycle trip takes place at the tourist information desk, at the junction of the market square and the salt square. The address is Rynek 14. It is a characteristic place that everyone can easily find.

The best restaurants in Wrocław

30 cuisines of the world, the best restaurants in Wrocław

Wrocław has always been a multicultural city, the best restaurants in Wrocław were already visited in the Middle Ages. there were also dishes from other cultures. Wrocław is crossed by the two main trade routes Via Regia and the Amber Route. Merchants from all over the world traveled these routes, bringing exotic spices. The oldest restaurant in Europe was also opened in Wrocław – the Świdnica Cellar, which was established in the 13th century.

The oldest restaurant in Europe

Piwnica Świdnicka, which is one of the restaurants on the Wrocław market square, is the oldest inn in Europe, which is still operating today. The restaurant was established in the 13th century and has been welcoming guests to this day. An interesting fact is that the Wrocław restaurant is connected by an underground corridor with the basement of the town hall. This corridor was built in the Middle Ages to facilitate the transport of beer

Kuchnie z całego świata

Wrocław does not have one local cuisine, it has many. You can try cuisine from all over the world, each of you will surely find something for yourself.

Restaurants in Wrocław for vegans


Bar Vega

One of the oldest and best restaurants in Wrocław is VEGA, there you can try various vegetarian dishes, Jarska cuisine, but also street food pizza and many other delicacies



This is one of the newer restaurants in Wrocław. It is located at ul. Rzeźnicza. Their signature dish is the "Burger of the Month" made exclusively of vegetables, the cutlet is made of soybeans, algae and chickpeas

Kultowe Restauracje we Wrocławiu


Bar Witek

Witek Bar is a living legend of Wrocław. The restaurant has been serving the iconic Toast for generations. This year, even Krasnoludek has reached the place. The name of the iconic restaurant in Wrocław comes from the name of the street on which it is located. Wita Stwosza Street.

Bar Miś

A cult restaurant in Wrocław in the style of the Polish People's Republic. Students like to visit this place because of the low prices. The restaurant in Wrocław is organized in the style of a Milk Bar. We recommend going there in the early hours of lunch, after 1pm it gets crowded

Elegant Fast Food - the best restaurants in Wrocław


One of the best burgers in town, even though it's a chain store. The restaurant is famous for its delicious beef. The menu at Pasibus is seasonal

Di Buła

Elegant fast food, which many inhabitants of Wrocław have liked, are casseroles made from local products that are most appreciated.

Seafood - the best restaurants in Wrocław

Shrimp House

A family run restaurant run by the Frymar brothers. The restaurant, or rather the shrimp bar, is famous for its delicious seafood, and also serves take-away dishes

Szajnochy 11

One of the best restaurants in Wrocław, its name comes from the address where we can find Wrocław restaurants. Their signature dish is sushi served in a traditional way

The best coffee shops

Bema Cafe

Bema is a climate. A wonderfully designed, bright space where you always feel good, whether it's spending time with friends, working, or just immersed in reading alone. The atmosphere is also created by good music, which is a non-accidental sum of intriguing novelties and nostalgic journeys into the past that we discover.

Borówka Cafe

One of the most famous and expensive restaurants in Wrocław, it is famous for its delicious desserts. The restaurant's location is not accidental, because it is located on Świdnicka Street, right next to the city moat. It's a great place to walk. The cafe also sells proprietary roasted coffee sets

Where to eat pierogi - the best restaurants in Wrocław

Jedną z najbardziej tradycyjnych Polskich potraw są pierogi. Tysiące turystów odwiedzających Wrocław chce ich spróbować. Jednym zależy na klimatycznym lokalu innym na wybornym smaku, ale nie ulega wątpliwości, że jest kilka najlepszych restauracji we Wrocławiu, gdzie serwowane Pierogi są najlepsze

Pierogarnia Mamos

One of the Wrocław restaurants by Robert Makłowicz and Piotr Bikont, famous for its delicious blueberry dumplings

Stary Młyn

Probably everyone listing the best restaurants in Wrocław will mention the old mill, where you can try various flavors of pierogi

When thinking about the best Spanish restaurants, it is impossible to ignore splendido, which won the hearts of Wrocław with its tapas. When looking for Spanish restaurants in Wrocław, it is worth paying attention to PAMPA, which serves delicious dumplings baked in dough. The restaurant has a great atmosphere. the biggest sensation is made by the host who talks to guests visiting Wrocław restaurants.odwiedzającymi restauracje Wrocław.

The best Mexican restaurants in Wrocław are Panczo and El Goridiato, where you can try a variety of Mexican dishes and drinks, everything is served in a traditional way, and the interior design reminds you of Mexican traditions and culture

All Argentinean barbecue fans should head to Campo or Horseshoe. The Wrocław restaurants serve delicious fresh beef steaks

There are also many restaurants serving Greek cuisine in Wrocław. Many Greeks settled in Wrocław in the 1960s, fleeing the civil war. The gres tiles who came to Wrocław brought with them culture, tradition and delicious recipes. One of such restaurants is Akropolis, serving delicious gyros with Tatziki sauce. GRECO is not inferior to it either, offering mainly local products

When looking for Italian restaurants in Wrocław, it is best to visit the italiano gallery on Prison Street, where you can choose your favorite Italian restaurant. There is an arcade in this place with various Italian restaurants.

Jeśli jesteście fanami pizzy neapolitańskiej powinniście odwiedzić restauracje we Wrocławiu – Ogień i Piec na Szewskiej

To all fans of Vietnamese cuisine, we would like to recommend Wiet-Thai, an inconspicuous bar at ul. Sztabowa, run by a Vietnamese family. The rich menu and low prices attract enthusiasts of oriental cuisine from all over the city

For all enthusiasts of eastern cuisine, we would like to recommend two delicious restaurants serving Chinese dishes: Orienteering and Dim Sum Garden, famous for its delicious dumplings

You praise others and you do not know yours. This is how all gourmets of Old Polish cuisine will shout. Yes we do! We have some really delicious restaurants in Wrocław serving Old Polish delicacies. The best restaurants of this type include:

Polish Manor

Dwór Polski restaurants are located in the heart of the Wrocław Market Square, in one of the historic, 16th-century tenement houses. Following the centuries-old traditional Polish hospitality, we encourage you to visit our interiors and taste the delicacies prepared by the Chef. In the main hall, we recommend visiting the Gallery of Personalities who visited the Dwór Polski.

Peasant Food

This is one of the budget chain stores offering Old Polish cuisine, despite the lack of climate, the restaurant surprises with delicious dishes

Karczma Młyńska

In Karczma Młyńska, which owes its name to the nearby Młyn Maria, for years the aroma of old Polish cuisine blends seamlessly with the hospitable, rustic surroundings. Here you can taste both traditional Polish cuisine and delicacies from tables all over Europe.

After the end of World War II and the loss of the eastern borderlands by Poland, many people from Lviv moved to Wrocław to start a new life there. They also brought local recipes and delicacies with them. Wrocław is a unique city, as nowhere else do Lviv specialties taste so authentic. The best Lviv restaurants in Wrocław are:


Karczma Lwowska is located directly on the Market Square in Wrocław. In addition to delicious Old Polish cuisine, it is distinguished by the highest level of service. It surprises with old Polish simplicity and elegance.

There are no visitors from Ukraine in Wrocław. There are also delicious dishes prepared with the use of ancient recipes and spices. Every amateur of unobvious culinary experiences should visit:

Cossack Hut

In the menu of Kozacka Chatka you will find: real Ukrainian borscht, brine, pielmieni, buckwheat, varieniki, Ukrainian pirożki and pancakes with various fillings. They were the first to offer the inhabitants of Wrocław Ukrainian dishes, but also dishes of Crimean cuisine


At Więzienna Street there is a restaurant “HORTYCA” which will enchant you with its unique atmosphere. The restaurant boasts of Ukrainian chefs and unique recipes.

There aren’t many Armenians in Wrocław, they really don’t like their kitchens being confused with Georgian ones, it is indeed different and more exotic, although it is the same part of the world. Armenian cuisine serves much more meat dishes than Georgian ones, and the best Armenian shashliks can be found in Armine – Restaurant in Wrocław. Caucasian specialties served in Armine have won the hearts of Wrocław citizens many times

All amateurs of non-obvious taste solutions should try Georgian cuisine in one of the restaurants in Wrocław. Khinkali is just the beginning of your adventure with Georgia, if you try this cuisine, you will surely feel the urge to visit this unique place. Meanwhile, you can go on a culinary trip to Georgia, and the easiest way to do it is by visiting:


The restaurant in Wrocław is famous for its purse-shaped dumplings stuffed with various Georgian specialties, broth, mushrooms, meat, nuts

At Georgian

Where they serve exceptionally good grilled dishes

Our closest neighbors also left something behind. All gourmets of dumplings with goulash and Czech beer should visit the restaurant Rynek Wrocław:


BERNARD’s chefs draw inspiration from the traditions of Czech, European and Lower Silesian cuisine, as well as from the latest trends and technology of cooking. Based on natural, seasonal products, they love to prepare old, traditional recipes in modern forms and arrangements.


Thanks to the combination of great Czech cuisine, excellent Czech beer and an ideal place in the heart of Wrocław, we managed to create a small Czech world.

is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and original places on the Wrocław Market Square and the culinary map of Wrocław. All good restaurants tell their guests their stories every day.

Everyone knows French cuisine, but there is nothing exotic there, you can eat a classic continental dinner in:

French pancakes

Cafee Bohema

There are plenty of Thai cuisine fans and immigrants in Wrocław. You can try traditional Thai dishes by visiting the restaurants in the market square in Wrocław

8 bowls


Indian cuisine is a combination of tastes, passion and senses. Depending on the Region of India, culinary habits differ from each other, get to know them with us.

It is a characteristic restaurant serving Polish cuisine, its décor reflects the atmosphere in Polish homes in the socialist and post-war times.

  • Chatka przy Jatkach

Where they make the best ice cream - Restaurants Wrocław

Polish Lody

An exquisite ice cream shop, which is expanding its activities before our eyes, the ice cream shop offers artisan ice cream


It is one of the best restaurants in Wrocław. It is located at ul. Włodkowica, right next to the Wrocław moat, is the perfect place to take a break from your walk

Bed and Breakfast Hotel

Every day our team of professionals makes every effort to meet your requirements. We are trying to be better and better so that a smile will appear on your faces after a comfortable night. We are introducing newer and newer amenities, one of such amenities is establishing cooperation with Bema Cafe. Thanks to this, we can present you a breakfast offer.

Bed and breakfasts Wrocław

Accommodation with breakfast in Wrocław is a very advantageous option, more and more often chosen by tourists visiting Wrocław. The main advantages of an overnight stay with breakfast are that you save time, which can be used later for other attractions. We cannot forget that when ordering a hotel with breakfast, we decide to have a proven, healthy and wholesome meal at the very beginning of the day. everyone knows how important the first meal of each day is. Therefore, when visiting BatogoSpot, it is worth considering the purchase of accommodation with breakfast

Bed and breakfast

Breakfasts are available for PLN 20 per person, to book breakfast, please contact BatogoSpot service by phone

The breakfast menu can also be found in the apartments or on our Partner's website

Coffee or Tea - Bed and Breakfast Wrocław


What about dinner?

The breakfast was delicious, but I feel unsatisfied.

The best restaurants in Wrocław

A delicacy especially for children - Bed and breakfast Wrocław

For the youngest lovers, we offer a delicious delicacy


This delicious dessert will appeal not only to the youngest, but also to slightly older gourmets


How bed and breakfast work

Jeden Kod – wiele Możliwości

When purchasing accommodation in Aparthotel Batogospot, guests can choose the Bed and breakfast option. After contacting the Batogospot service and paying for the “Lodging with breakfast” service, you will receive a unique Code. The code contains information about how many breakfasts you have bought and on what days. When entering the cafe, you should provide this code to the staff. Then you choose your favorite delicacies from the breakfast menu. Enjoy your meal!

Order accommodation with breakfast today

Well-fed mornings in Batogospot

There is no greater reward than the smile on the faces of guests after a comfortable night. However, the smile of an overnight stay with breakfast is equally important, which is why we have established cooperation with one of the best Wrocław cafes – Bema Cafe, to ensure the greatest possible comfort for our guests.

A short walk or how to get to breakfast

Stylish cafe which is Bema Cafe is located in the immediate vicinity of our Aparthotel. To get there, just go outside the building and cross the street. Then follow Sienkiewicza Street to the east for approx. 2 minutes. The entire journey takes about 5 minutes.

Taki krótki spacer zaostrza apetyt i pomaga się obudzić przed kolejnym dniem pełnym wyzwań!

Our partner in the organization of accommodation with breakfast is Bema Cafe, at ul. Drobnera. Thanks to establishing cooperation with the well-known Wrocław Cafe, we can offer our guests new comprehensive services that improve quality. Bema Cafe is one of the best cafes in Wrocław and is eagerly visited by both tourists and Wrocław residents. Their specialty is delicious coffee brewed from specially selected coffee beans. It’s hard to imagine a better start to your day than your morning coffee with breakfast


Bema Cafe - Kultowa Kawiarnia

Średnia Ocen

Sky tower is a showcase of Wrocław

Most tourists, when exploring the city, cannot resist seeing the beautiful panorama view of the entire city. There are several places in Wrocław from which you can admire the city from a bird’s eye view, one of them is the Sky Tower, the tallest building in Poland. The Sky Tower has an observation deck on the 50th floor. The place is often visited by tourists, so when planning a trip, it is good to think about booking tickets in advance.

The tallest building in Poland

Sky Tower is the tallest building in Poland in two categories:

– “height to the roof”

– “height from the highest floor”.

The height of the building at the highest point (tower) is 212 m and has 51 floors.

Sky Tower

Shopping Mall in Sky Tower

Sky Tower – a shopping mall – was put into use in the second half of 2012. However, the rest of the building only at the beginning of 2013.

Architecture of the skyscraper

The entire Sky Tower complex consists of 3 buildings (originally there were 6 planned):

building B1 – four-storey (from level -1 to level 2) platform, which includes, among others shopping mall, bowling alley,
building B2 – 51-storey tower with 184 apartments on the 28th to 48th floors, and office space on the lower levels,
building B3 – 19-storey, “sail”, in which there are 52 apartments on levels 11 to 18, as well as offices.


There are as many as 38 elevators in the building!
It is the highest viewpoint in Lower Silesia (except for mountain areas).
There is a 227 m² apartment on the 48th floor, which is the third highest apartment in Europe.

On the 49th floor there is a vantage point from which you can admire the wonderful panorama of Wrocław.

Entry to the viewpoint takes place every half hour, and tickets can be purchased on the ground floor of the Sky Tower gallery or via the website. Sky tower is eagerly visited by Tourists to make sure that you can enter the terrace well book tickets several days in advance

Book the entrance to the Observation Deck


• regular – PLN 18.00
• concessionary – PLN 12.00
• children under 3 – free admission

Location - Sky Tower

While in Wrocław, it is hard not to notice Sky Tower, it is the tallest building in Poland. Since it is located close to the center, it is a great landmark. You can see it from a distance of 30 km from the city. The city of Wrocław is dominated by low-rise buildings, most of the buildings have 4 floors, so building such a majestic building in the city center was a huge undertaking.


Sky Tower is located in the Krzyki district of Wrocław, at the intersection of Powstańców Śląskich and Happy Streets.

The building is located in the vicinity of:

railway and bus station – approx. 10 minutes on foot
Wroclaw Market Square – approx. 20 minutes on foot
airport – approx. 25 minutes by car.



Sky Tower how to get there

The building can be reached by various means of transport.

by trams (stop “Wielka”): 2, 6, 7, 14, 17, 20, 24,
by buses: A, D, 125, 325, 144.

How to avoid traffic jams in Wrocław


There is an underground car park in the basement of the Sky Tower, but the prices are quite high there. People who want to save on parking are recommended to park near the neighboring streets, free of charge. You can easily find a parking space there

Sky Tower Run


The Sky Tower run has been held every year since 2014. However, for 4 years it has the rank of the Polish Championship in tower running. Competitors start from street level and run to the finish line at the vantage point on the 49th floor. There are 1142 stairs to climb.
Polish Firefighters Championships in the run up the stairs

In addition to the usual running up the stairs, there is also a run for firefighters. They run in sports clothes and a combat uniform and cover the same distance (1142 stairs) as the Sky Tower Run competitors.

What was before

Sky tower is not the first skyscraper in this place, there was an office building under the management of the same company LC Corp before. Poltegor was once the tallest building in Wrocław. The skyscraper was built in 1982.


The skyscraper and the almost 3-hectare plot surrounding it were bought on January 18, 2006 for (according to unofficial information) EUR 17.5 million by a Wrocław businessman Leszek Czarnecki. In the spring of 2006, earthworks in the surroundings of “Poltegor” began, preparing the site for the construction of a new facility. Poltegor was destroyed. An interesting fact is that during the destruction of the building, a training action was carried out for firefighters. The name Poltegor was derived from the name of the company that owned it,  Polskie Techniki Górnicze

Construction and Great Changes

the investment started in August 2007, then the investor obtained a building permit. It lasted 6 years and it was only in 2013 that a shopping mall and a tower with an observation deck began to function.


Centennial Hall why is it worth visiting?

Centennial Hall, why is it worth visiting?

The Centennial Hall is an extraordinary place and a world-class monument. The Centennial Hall has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the unconventional architectural solutions used during the construction. The Centennial Hall attracts tourists not only because of its unique character, but also delights with its beauty. Behind the hall building, there is a picturesque pergola with a wonderful multimedia fountain. (Similar fountains are in Prague, Warsaw and Berlin)

What is known about the Centennial Hall?

The Centennial Hall was designed by Max Berg – the famous architect. The construction lasted from 1911 to 1913, and after the completion of the project, a huge exhibition was created inside to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the defeat of Napoleon at Leipzig. The area around the hall is designated for exhibition and recreation areas. The developing city needed a large, distinctive structure, able to accommodate a large number of exhibitors and visitors.

Access to the Centennial Hall in Wrocław

There are several ways to get to the Centennial Hall. The cheapest is to use public transport. Trams number 2, 4 and 10 stop in front of the Centennial Hall. You can also take a taxi or city bike. We do not recommend bus transport.

There is a paid parking lot near the Centennial Hall. You can enter there from the tourism center. However, the parking lot is extremely expensive, it costs 6,5 PLN / h. Therefore, we recommend using other forms of transport!

How to avoid traffic jams in Wrocław?

Centennial Hall - Sightseeing and Tickets

To visit the Centennial Hall you do not need to buy a ticket, it is widely available to every tourist. However, there are other additional paid attractions nearby, such as the entrance to the terrace from which you can watch the fountain show, as well as fairs and performances, which sometimes take place inside the hall or in the nearby regional tourism center.

Calendar of exhibitions and shows

The Centennial Hall has been planned since its inception as a venue for mass and cultural events, as well as concerts and fairs. It is therefore not surprising that various events take place there several times a year. During this time, entry to the hall, understood as participation in the organized event, is ticketed. Dates of events and ticket prices can be checked on the website of the Centennial Hall!

Stay up to date, check what is happening in the Centennial Hall

Hala Stulecia - How was it built?

The establishment of the hall, the most famous work of Wrocław modernism, was associated with the hundredth anniversary of the publication in Wrocław by Frederick William III of the proclamation of March 17, 1813, calling for general resistance against Napoleon. It was decided to celebrate this ceremony with exceptional panache and class, for this purpose a world exhibition was organized to commemorate these events. For this purpose, the city set aside areas located on the edge of the Szczytnicki Park, near the Wrocław Zoological Garden, established some 40 years earlier and enjoying increasing popularity.

Out of 43 submitted projects, the design of the city architect of Wrocław, Max Berg, was approved, who proposed a large exhibition hall with an unprecedented structure. Despite the original, but very controversial design of the hall and the high estimated costs of its construction, on June 28, 1911, it obtained a formal building permit.

At the time of its construction, the hall was a unique facility, with a reinforced concrete cover with the largest span in the world – only a few steel structures were larger then. The hall is 42 meters high and the dome that covers it is 67 meters in diameter. The maximum width of the hall’s interior is 95 meters, and the available space is 14,000 sq m. . In addition to the central hall itself, 56 other exhibition rooms were planned in the building, spacious lobbies surrounding the main hall, and the total was calculated for 10,000 people.

Centennial Hall in Wrocław - UNESCO Monument

In 2006, the Centennial Hall was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is a unique expression of recognition for this place. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization was founded on November 16, 1945. This organization was established to protect the world’s top-class monuments or unique natural creations. The sites inscribed on the UNESCO list are monuments unique to all mankind that deserve special protection.

The history of an unusual place

The history of the Centennial Hall is inseparably connected with the history of Wrocław and the entire region. Particularly important events and celebrations took place there, which had an impact on the present character of the city.

The hall survived World War II without any serious losses. The exhibition grounds around the hall and the hall itself for the first time after the war were used on a larger scale from July to September 1948 at the Recovered Territories Exhibition and during the accompanying (August 25-28) World Congress of Intellectuals in Defense of Peace.


The dynamically conducted construction of the Centennial Hall was a great technological undertaking, an example of the highest engineering efficiency and craftsmanship. The applied bold design and organizational solutions became a model for other buildings of this type.

Centennial Hall - Dark Times of the People's Republic of Poland

In the People’s Republic of Poland, no major works were carried out in the hall that would significantly change its character. It served as a venue for concerts and sports events, and the largest cinema in the city also operated in the hall. Only the urban context of the hall changed quite strongly due to the cutting off of the southern part of the exhibition grounds. in 1948 the Spire was built on the square in front of the entrance.

The 90s and the present day

After 1989, some changes were made in the hall, a general renovation lasting several months there in 1997 included such changes as plastic window blinds, advertising boards, sound system, and above all lowering the floor level by about 1 m and building in sliding stands and folding pitches (allows changing the purpose of the hall depending on the current sports or exhibition needs.On May 31, 1997, during his sixth visit to Poland, John Paul II led an ecumenical prayer in the hall as part of the Eucharistic congress.

Last renovation

The renovation of the Centennial Hall was carried out in 2009-2011

The elevation regained its pre-war yellow and sand color. The biggest problem was the replacement of windows. Max Berg in his design used iron mahogany imported especially from Australia. Today, this tree species does not exist, so at the request of the conservator, teak wood was used. This resulted in an increase in renovation costs and an extension of the repair time.

Centennial Hall and Regional Center of Business Tourism

The next stage was the construction of a new Regional Business Tourism Center. The construction in the historic site was possible thanks to the preserved and unrealized expansion plans by Max Berg. The official opening took place on September 17, 2010. The last planned stage was the renovation of the facade inside the building. It was also planned to increase the capacity of the hall for the needs of the audience during sports competitions

In 2014, the volleyball championship was held here.

Despite numerous historical turmoil, the hall has not changed its original character.

The Wrocław Fountain is the largest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. Its ceremonial opening took place on June 4, 2009, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the first free elections in post-war Poland. Situated in the picturesque landscape of the Szczytnicki Park, next to the historic Hala Stulecia complex and the Wrocław Congress Center, it attracts the attention of tourists from Poland and abroad. It covers an area of almost 1 ha, and at its bottom there are as many as 800 light points, 300 water nozzles and 3 fire nozzles.

Watching the Fountain Show

The shows between 19 and 21 are most popular due to the upcoming evening. The splash of water, music and the glow of lights shimmering in the glass during the setting sun give the visitors an unforgettable experience. We encourage everyone to watch such a show.

Harmonogram Pokazów

muzyka nowoczesna / 4:14 min / Bonobo: Kiara, Prelude The Cinematic Orchestra: Arrival of the Birds

 muzyka klasyczna / 16:26 min / Georges Bizet: Carmen; uwertura Ludwig van Beethoven: V symfonia w C minor; Chaczaturian Aram: Taniec z szablami (z baletu „Gajane”); Piotr Czajkowski: suita z baletu „Dziadek do orzechów”

muzyka pop / 10 min / Daft Punk: Around the World; Amerie: Thing; Madonna: 4 Minutes; Beyonce: Run the World; M.I.A.: Bad Girls; Azealia Banks: 212; James Brown: I feel good; Kaoma: Lambada; Katy B: Katy on the Mission

muzyka nowoczesna / 4:14 min / Bonobo: Kiara, Prelude The Cinematic Orchestra: Arrival of the Birds

muzyka nowoczesna / 4:14 min / Bonobo: Kiara, Prelude The Cinematic Orchestra: Arrival of the Birds

muzyka klasyczna /10:38 min / Hans Zimmer: Dead Man’s Chest (utwór z filmu „Piraci z Karaibów”); Sergei Prokofiev: Montagues And Capulets („Romeo i Julia”); Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: uwertura z „Wesela Figara”

muzyka pop /10 min / Daft Punk: Around the World; Amerie: Thing; Madonna: 4 Minutes; Beyonce: Run the World; M.I.A.: Bad Girls; Azealia Banks: 212; James Brown: I feel good; Kaoma: Lambada; Katy B: Katy on the Mission

muzyka nowoczesna 17:07 min / Apocalyptica: Quutamo; Faith No More: Midnight Cowboy; Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygène, cz. 8 Vangelis: Pulstar

muzyka klasyczna / 4:57 min / Ryszard Wagner: Cwał Walkiri z opery „Die Walküre”

muzyka klasyczna / 16:26 min / Georges Bizet: Carmen; uwertura Ludwig van Beethoven: V symfonia w C minor; Chaczaturian Aram: Taniec z szablami (z baletu „Gajane”); Piotr Czajkowski: suita z baletu „Dziadek do orzechów”

muzyka pop / 10 min / Daft Punk: Around the World; Amerie: Thing; Madonna: 4 Minutes; Beyonce: Run the World; M.I.A.: Bad Girls; Azealia Banks: 212; James Brown: I feel good; Kaoma: Lambada; Katy B: Katy on the Mission

Few people remember that the Centennial Hall was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List along with the adjacent buildings, which are not inferior to their innovative architectural solutions. One of them is the Four Domes Pavilion.

The Four Domes Pavilion is a new branch of the National Museum in Wrocław. The building was erected in 1912 and its author is Hans Poelzig. Until 1945, the pavilion served as a place for exhibitions and occasional exhibitions. From 1953, the building was taken over by the Wrocław Feature Film Studio. In 2006, the Pavilion and the Centennial Hall were entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Four Domes Pavilion was donated to the National Museum in Wrocław in 2009.

Four Domes Pavilion - a branch of the National Museum

The Pavilion hosts an exhibition of Polish contemporary art. The collection includes about 20 thousand. exhibits in the field of painting, graphics, sculpture, photography and others. In addition to the works of such outstanding artists as Władysław Hasior, Tadeusz Kantor or Katarzyna Kozyra, visitors can admire the works of the artistic milieu in Wrocław.

By purchasing a ticket to the National Museum, you can visit all its branches within 2 days

Other attractions nearby

In the vicinity of the Centennial Hall there are many other well-known and recognized attractions of Wrocław. When visiting this place, it is also worth visiting other among the best ones are “