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Apartaments for rent in Wroclaw – EN

Apartament BatogoSpot Tumski 2 N21B

Apartament BatogoSpot Tumski 2 N21B

A cozy and modern apartment

Apartment BatogoSpot Tumski Balcony 4

Stylish Apartment with Balcony

Apartment Batogospot Tumski Balcony 14

Elegant apartment with a balcony

Apartment Batogospot Tumski Patio 14

An exclusive and spacious apartment


Apartment Batogospot Tumski Balcony 13

Sunny apartment with a balcony

Apartament Batogospot Tumski Patio13

A modern apartment with a garden

Apartament BatogoSpot Towers Patio Balcony 21B

Apartment BatogoSpot Towers Patio Balcony 21B

A spacious studio with a balcony

Apartment BatogoSpot Towers S21A

Family apartment with a separate bedroom

Apartment BatogoSpot Tumski 2 N21A

An exclusive and spacious apartment

Apartment BatogoSpot Tumski 4A

Family apartment with a garden

Apartments for rent in Wroclaw

The location of our apartments is in the center – the beating heart of Wrocław. In just a few minutes, you can reach all interesting corners of the city. There is nothing more pleasant than an evening stroll along the market square or along the Odra River. We guarantee full satisfaction with the equipment of the apartments. Having everything you need at your disposal – you can really feel at home! Access to the most necessary items ensures comfort and safety. Regardless of whether you are coming for business, tourist or other purposes – renting an apartment in BatogoSpot will be a much better choice than staying in a hotel. One of the greatest advantages of our facility is the possibility of 24-hour check-in, without the need for physical contact with the staff. It is especially important in this difficult time. When booking an apartment, it is also worth paying attention to the facilities for the disabled.

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Beautiful and aesthetically, everything is new. Fully equipped apartment. I felt at home in an apartment where I have everything, including my favorite dryer
Ania Kowalska
Warszawa Polska
Apartments clean and well equipped. I regularly use it as part of a business trip. I can work calmly and comfortably.
Przemysław Sitek
Kraków Polska
A comfortable, fully equipped apartment. Strict center - allows you to take full advantage of the city's charms. We will be back.
Jose Scriven
Sewilla Hiszpania
Stylish apartment. Perfect location. I walked everywhere. Cleanliness at the highest level.
Marta Wasilewska
Gdańsk Polska

If you have any questions about the apartments for rent, please contact us

    We invite you to read the arguments below. If you travel with your family or friends, you will feel a big difference in price between renting an apartment and a hotel room where the price is calculated per person, as opposed to apartments, where there may be a small surcharge depending on the number of people. Often, it will also be necessary to divide the hotel into several hotel rooms, making it impossible to spend the evenings together. If your trip is longer, the more you will feel the difference in price, as usually the price of the apartment per night drops with longer stays.

    If you are looking for an apartment and hotel at a similar price, usually the apartments will be in a more convenient location, usually in the city center. When choosing a hotel, you usually have to choose a more expensive option if you want a good location, so you have to choose between the price and the location. You do not have to choose, we offer a favorable price with an excellent location so that your stay, regardless of its purpose, will be pleasant and as hassle-free as possible.

    Excellent facilities and amenities - apartments for rent

    Everyone prefers to have a choice, if your vacation is longer than the weekend you may prefer to cook your own meal instead of going to a restaurant every day. Hotels usually do not offer this option, as the rented space includes only a room with a bathroom. In BatogoSpot apartments, everyone decides what they want, because the apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette that will satisfy even more people.
    requiring. An important convenience is also a washing machine located in selected apartments, which will be useful, especially if you are going to stay longer than a week. With us, you can also decide whether you prefer a balcony or a terrace with a garden created primarily for our guests for whom the pet is almost part of the family and cannot imagine a journey without it. In an apartment with a garden, it will have much more space to move freely, and for the owner it can become a favorite place for morning coffee. We also remember about guests for whom it may be the first trip, so for children we have prepared a fold-out bed with high rails, thinking about the comfort and safety of the toddler. At parents’ request, we also provide a high chair and a baby bath, so that the stay is pleasant and stress-free.

    Comprehensive service in apartments for rent

    Bearing in mind all the above-mentioned aspects, we offer comprehensive customer service. We try to make our approach to the client personalized from the very first moment, so we help in choosing one of our apartments depending on your needs. During the booking process, we are always ready to help, dispelling doubts from the functioning of the apartment to tourist tips. We can for you
    order a taxi, tourist excursions or recommend a place for a romantic dinner. We know that each of us is different and each has a different idea of stay in the apartment during the holidays, hence we always listen to our guests and try to meet their needs. We have apartments in two locations, so depending on the purpose of your stay, we will recommend one of them. Both locations are a big advantage of our apartments. Our apartments are located 700 meters from the Wrocław Market Square, and the BatogoSpot Tumski facility only 100 meters from the historic part of the city – Ostrów Tumski. Our facilities are well accessible for those traveling by public transport, although the distance to the center is so small that it will not take you more than 10 minutes on foot.

    Comfortable Batogospot Apartments

    We offer variety, as we offer as many as 11 luxury apartments for rent, fully adapted to the needs of customers and
    finished with attention to every detail. If you are interested in the exact equipment of each apartment, please choose the tab a suitable apartment, where all amenities are described in detail, if you have any doubts, please contact us, we will be happy to help
    we will dispel your doubts as to the equipment or amenities that a particular apartment offers. The list of amenities alone may not is most important compared to the feeling that you can feel at home when staying in one of the apartments. Our offer
    is prepared for both individual and business clients, therefore, if your company is looking for a cooperation partner, we will prepare it for you a personalized offer depending on the type and needs of the company. Our apartments are a very good choice for a business trip, as evidenced by the growing interest of companies in this type of facilities. Above all, unlike a hotel room, a suite gives a lot more space which ensures a higher comfort of stay for frequent travelers. To create comfortable working conditions, we took care of proper lighting of the apartment, a comfortable workplace, very fast Internet, coffee and tea. So you will be able to prepare for the conference in an atmosphere of peace and quiet, perform remote work or rest between meetings. An important advantage during business stays is also a convenient location, so getting to the office should not be a worry. Due to the needs of business clients, we offer the option of issuing an invoice for each stay or one collective invoice.

    Batogospot Apartments accept special requests

    If you have other needs, we will be happy to hear about them and adapt our offer to them. Renting in the Covid-19 era can be difficult because, in addition to the existing criteria for searching for accommodation, now also attention is paid to the security measures that the facility applies. BatogoSpot takes your safety very seriously, hence we have introduced many activities to ensure safety during your stay with us.

    Comfort and safety in apartments for rent

    We know that the less contact with other people, the lower the likelihood of contracting covid-19, so we only focus on safe payment methods in the form of
    internet payments.
    Check-in is non-contact, but you can contact the staff by phone at any time. Check-in is not complicated, we have placed a safe with each apartment with the keys to the apartment. On the day of arrival, along with the directions, our guests receive a code to the safe or to the electronic handle.
    Items used by many people, such as printed menu cards, magazines, pens and newspapers, have been removed.
    Chemical cleaning agents are used that effectively prevent the spread of the coronavirus,
    Bed linen, towels etc. are washed according to local authority guidelines
    The rooms are disinfected between stays with a UV-C lamp


    Guarantee of disinfection and safety in apartments for rent

    • The rooms are disinfected between stays using a UV-C lamp, we chose this disinfection method because it kills up to 99.7% of various types of fungi, about 650 types of bacteria and viruses.
    • Its effectiveness has been confirmed by many research centers and is used in some hospitals to disinfect rooms and operating theaters. Its advantage is the fact that ozone reaches places that are hard to reach, so the room is decontaminated not only superficially. For us, the recommendation to buy this lamp was the recommendation of specialists from the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate to use this solution to disinfect the premises.
    • After cleaning, the rooms are secured until guests arrive.
    • The facility cleaning service is performed by a professional cleaning company. We understand that you may have a pandemic
      fears of traveling, hence the security measures we have applied.