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Capitol musical theater in Wroclaw

Capitol musical theater in Wroclaw, it is such a recognizable place that the tram stop called “Arkady Capitol” is the only one that is sung to refer to the character of this place. However, it is not a very old place, as it was established only in 2004 and became famous very quickly. However, it is worth noting that this place was not built in this place from scratch, because in 1955 the “Lower Silesian Operetta” was established here, and the tradition was continued by three more places of this type: “Musical Theater”, “Wrocław Operetta” and ” Musical Theater – Wrocław Operetta “until the present Capitol is established.


The very name of the place comes from the cinema-theater operating in pre-war Wrocław at today’s 67 Piłsudskiego Street. It was built in 1929 according to the design of the German architect Friedrich Lipp. The building consisted of 3 parts: the administrative part, the hotel and the most important part – the auditorium. As a result of World War II, the building suffered significant damage, but its most important part was preserved and in 1946 the building was reopened as Kino Śląsk, the largest cinema in Poland, by the way.

The return to the tradition of musical theater took place on March 21, 1955, when he staged the operetta “Zemsta Nietoperza” by Johann Strauss. The building of the Wrocław Opera was used for this purpose until 1964, when the theater was moved to an earlier building in which performances were staged alternately with films played in the cinema.

The building itself suffered again during the 1997 flood of the millennium and again required a major overhaul.

The name Capitol used today was reverted in 2004.

The building currently used by the theater underwent a major renovation in 2013, extending the previously standing building with 4 thousand. m2 to as much as 18,000 m2. The big stage – the main stage of the theater has changed dramatically. Before the reconstruction, it could accommodate 672 spectators, after the expansion, this number increased by 63 seats, and, if necessary, by 27 additional seats on the stage. A novelty was the creation of a rotating stage with a diameter of 7 m and 4 stage trapdoors with a depth of 3.9 m. The backstage was enlarged from 3.5 m to 17 m (left) and from 4 m to 8.5 m (right). The roof was also raised to 21 m.

As you can see, in order to offer viewers an even better experience during performances, the building has undergone a thorough renovation, becoming very modern and adapted to a new dimension of performances.

Interestingly, the official opening of the new building was inaugurated with the premiere of The Master and Margarita according to the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov on September 28, 2013.

Capitol Wrocław - Stage Songs Review

It is the Capitol theater that has been the producer of the Actors’ Song Review since 2006, the festival has been organized in Wrocław since 1976, during the festival there is a series of concerts and musical performances as well as the Actor’s Song Interpretation competition.

This year, the 41st Stage Song Festival will be held on June 11-20, 2021 to be exact.

At the moment, the program of this event is not known yet, it will appear in May, then the sale of tickets will also start. However, now you can buy the gadgets of this event, such as socks, mugs, masks, bags and T-shirts.

Capitol - scenes

The events that you will go to the Capitol for can take place on one of 4 stages: Big stage, pressure stage, restaurant stage, backyard.

Ticket prices vary depending on the selected show, but usually oscillate around 25 – 110 PLN. Tickets must be purchased at the ticket office, which is open from 12-19 from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays when performances are held.

The theater offers a reduced fare for tickets for:

PhD students,
holders of the OK stamp (Cultural Bond) on the card of the Municipal Public Library in Wrocław.

Gift vouchers are also available for sale.

Gift Gold ticket – PLN 100 for one person

Silver Gift ticket – PLN 50 for one person – for any performance except the Big Stage.

They can be purchased at the Capitolu ticket office or online. They are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

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