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Botanic Garden

The Botanical Garden in Wrocław was founded in 1811 by F. Heyde and H.F. Link, who also served as the first directors. The garden was built on the site of the demolished city fortifications in the northern part of Ostrów … Read More

Puppet theater

Puppet theater in Wroclaw The Puppet Theater in Wroclaw is a place known not only to small audiences but also to adults. This place has been in operation since 1946 when the puppet and drama theater opened, but it wasn’t … Read More

Szczytnicki Park

Szczytnicki Park is one of the largest parks in Wrocław, covering an area of approximately 100 hectares. It is situated east of the Old Oder. It is located in the former village of Szczytniki, which was incorporated into the city … Read More

Capitol musical theater in Wroclaw

Capitol music theater Capitol musical theater in Wroclaw, it is such a recognizable place that the tram stop called “Arkady Capitol” is the only one that is sung to refer to the character of this place. However, it is not … Read More

Opera in Wroclaw

A unique place – the opera in Wroclaw The Opera in Wroclaw is a unique place that attracts thousands of people every year. It is visited not only by tourists tempted by its beautiful view, but also by the inhabitants … Read More

Wroclaw for the weekend – Walk around Ostrów Tumski

Wroclaw for the weekend – a walk around Ostrów Tumski Wroclaw for the weekend is a great idea to break away from your daily routine. Ostrów Tumski is the oldest and historic part of Wrocław. It is very often visited … Read More

Trips to the mountains from Wroclaw!

Trips to the mountains from Wrocław! Trips to the mountains are very popular. The capital of Lower Silesia is less than 2 hours drive from the mountains. This is a close distance, especially for people who came on a trip … Read More

Year-round attractions in Wroclaw

Year-round attractions attract the attention of not only tourists but also residents. Attractions in Wrocław are really unique, you should visit them for several reasons. If you are looking for, Wrocław is the 5th largest city in Poland and 4th … Read More

Fair Wroclaw

Fair Wroclaw The Wroclaw fair is the city’s biggest Christmas attraction Fairs are one of the biggest attractions in Wrocław. They are held several times a year and last several weeks. The most famous fairs in Wrocław include the Christmas … Read More

Ostrów Tumski in Wroclaw – apartments for rent

Ostrow Tumski in Wroclaw – where it all began Ostrów Tumski, this is where it all began. It is the oldest and historic part of Wrocław, from which, as legends believe, the present-day capital of Lower Silesia comes from. The … Read More