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Hydropolis in Wroclaw part. 1

Hydropolis is a multimedia knowledge center where you can easily learn the secrets of the water cycle in nature. Wrocław is the perfect place to build such a complex. 5 rivers flow through the city, the network of bridges and canals densely crosses the streets of Wrocław. You can also admire the advantages of underwater life, learn the history of the first expeditions to the bottom of the ocean. In the multimedia center you can learn the secrets of the processes functioning in the human body with the use of water. Hydropolis combines both educational and entertainment values in the form of an exhibition.

Hydropolis is housed in an old municipal water supply building transformed into an interactive museum. You can get there by tram lines 0L, 0P, 3, 5, electric scooters are becoming an interesting and more and more popular means of transport in Wrocław, although there are no major problems with parking in the area.

Hydropolis is open daily at the following times;

Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday 10:00 – 20:00

Last visitors are admitted an hour before closing time

hydropolis wroclaw

Visiting this place takes about an hour, so it is worth planning other attractions on this day, such as visiting Ostrów Tumski, Panorama of the Battle of Racławice, or even a walk around the market square. We encourage you to read our guide for guests, thanks to which you will learn interesting facts about the most important places in Wrocław

Tickets to Hydropolis can be purchased at the box office without major problems or here.

However, if you also plan to visit the Zoo or swim in the Aquapark, you should think about buying a combined ticket, which is much cheaper. Tickets of this type are only available in the family version and can only be purchased at the ticket office.

Normal – PLN 27 / person

Reduced – PLN 18 / person
Family – PLN 72 / family
(2 adults + maximum 2 children)

Family run to Hydropolis Wrocław and the Zoo

– PLN 199 / family

Family ticket to Hydropolis Wrocław and Aquapark

– PLN 149 / family

Tickets to Hydropolis as long as the tour lasts

Kupując pojedynczy bilet do Hydropolis we Wrocławiu mamy możliwość zwiedzenia 8 wystaw zlokalizowanych w różnych salach. Zwiedzanie trwa od 30 do 60 minut, ale nie ma określonego czasu po którym należy opuścić wystawę.

When going to Hydropolis with children, it is worth considering purchasing a family ticket, which allows 2 children and 2 adults to visit. When going to Wrocław for a weekend with your family, you can consider buying a ticket that will combine visiting Hydropolis and other attractions such as the zoo or aquapark. The biggest disadvantage of these tickets is that you can only buy them at the box office, it is not possible to buy them online.

Water printer - Hydropolis Wrocław


Even before entering Hydropolis, we can admire its multimedia character. The facade of the building is created by a multimedia water printer with a surprising length of 46.5 m. Thanks to the latest technologies, we can admire various inscriptions and patterns printed on water for a few seconds. This is an additional attraction for tourists waiting to buy tickets.

The exhibition is divided into 8 thematic zones, each of them dealing with different topics related to the use of water. As many as 64 devices were used to create the multimedia exhibition. The first of these rooms is the “water planet”. The exhibitions present various interesting facts related to water. Below we describe the most interesting rooms.

Planet of Water - Hydropolis Wrocław

Visiting the first room called “Water Planet”, we can learn the theories about the origin of water in the Universe, the formation of our planet and other planets with water with a structure different to ours. The room in which this exhibition is presented includes many multimedia screens that allow you to read interesting facts related to the formation of water in the Universe.

Exploring the depths of the ocean - Hydropolis Wrocław


Entering this room, our attention will be drawn to the Trieste bathyscaphe capsule from 1960. It was the first submarine which two explorers dived into the deepest abyss of our planet, that is the Marian Trench. The Marian Ditch is the deepest tectonic ditch on our planet, it is almost 11 thousand meters deep. meters below sea level. The Marian Trench is located in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean. It was created as a result of the separation of two tectonic plates: the Pacific and the Philippines. one of the two passengers of the Bathyscaphe was Don Walsh, an American explorer, oceanographer, and officer. Walsh visited Hydropolis a few years ago and took his place in Bathyscaphe again. The hero of this expedition received the title of honorary ambassador of water knowledge.

Inhabitants of waters - Hydropolis Wrocław

In the neighboring room, animals from the seas and oceans are presented. The variety of animal species contrasted at the exhibition amazes the visitors. You can find there sharks several meters high, huge shoals of fish and microorganisms.

One of the exhibition rooms houses a variety of ship models, from the beginnings of shipping to modern container ships. While viewing this exhibition you can admire how the history of shipping has developed over the years. The exhibition also includes exhibits depicting the history of water engineering, such as locks, water pumps, steam engines, and even Archimedes’ water propeller. Man j

Strefa Relaksu - Hydropolis Wrocław

hydropolis wroclaw

One of these attractions is the relaxation zone, a place where we can take a short break while sightseeing and relax listening to the sounds of the sound of the waves on a specially prepared deckchair. An interesting fact is the decoration of the walls in this room. The arrangement was created from the composition of lichens (i.e. organisms that are a combination of algae and protist). The arrangement is to symbolize the Amazon rainforest, which are called the lungs of the planet and function thanks to the dynamic circulation of water in nature.

Other Exhibitions - Hydropolis Wrocław

In Hydropolis there are many other interesting exhibitions devoted to the role of water in shaping exotic cultures and religions, e.g. Ancient Egypt. You can also admire exhibitions related to the role of water in the human body and the processes taking place in it. An interesting issue that we can learn about by reading multimedia tables is the phenomenon of bioluminescence and the forms of life inhabiting hydrothermal ecosystems. Where the temperature reaches even 400 degrees Celsius.

Since the nineteenth century, municipal waterworks have been drawing water in the vicinity of ul. Na Grobli. Initially, drinking water was taken directly from the river, then it was passed through coal and sand filters. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, this turned out to be an ineffective solution. The taken river water had too high a concentration of iron and chlorine compounds. The current filters were operated to the limit, yet the city still suffered from a shortage of water. In summary, it was necessary to expand the sewage treatment plant. It was decided to build more buildings for the water treatment plant. Then the river intake was abandoned and a new groundwater intake system was created. The reservoir functioned uninterruptedly until 1945, when a Soviet bomb fell from the reservoirs on the roof of the main reservoirs. Shortly after the end of hostilities, the reservoirs were rebuilt and again provided water for the city.

Another breakthrough in the history of the sewage treatment plant was the year 2002, when renovation works were started. Then, after the renovation of the buildings, the oldest of them was entered into the register of monuments and a decision was made to create an interactive museum under the management of the municipal water supply. The museum has been operating since 2014. and is constantly developing. It is one of the greatest attractions of Wrocław.

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