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How to plan your stay – weather in Wroclaw

The weather in Wroclaw is a surprising weather phenomenon. Wrocław is one of the warmest large Polish cities. If you have already decided to go to Wroclaw, it is worth choosing a date that will suit your plans and needs.

In the graph above you can see the average weekly temperature in the city.
The weather in Wroclaw is warmest in July, but before you book a stay in BatogoSpot for July, it is worth noting that it is also the month with the highest rainfall during the month. It may happen that the weather will not be good for our entire stay. The fact is, however, that summer rains are usually intense, but short, so we can always wait out the rain in some pleasant place, which Wroclaw is full of.

June and August are slightly cooler than July, but also less rainy. June is also the sunniest month with the longest days, so in our opinion it is the perfect time to enjoy the city’s nightlife as well.

And for all those who prefer to avoid the holiday crowds and heat, which can be bothersome for some, we recommend May and September. Both are characterized by lower temperatures, but also less rainfall. Hence, a stay in the second half of May or the first half of September can be a bull’s eye.
However, we do not discourage all winter lovers from visiting Wrocław, because the temperatures are usually not so severe and the winter offer of the city satisfies everyone.

Wroclaw has a very large offer of gardens, parks and even forests, which can be a perfect choice on nice days. Below are some of our suggestions.

Pergola with a Multimedia Fountain

It is a very charming place that offers shelter from the sun under a 640-meter long Pergola covered with grapevines.

An additional attraction is the Multimedia Fountain, in the summer you can admire its shows every hour on the hour. The show is different every hour, with different musical styles, so it is necessary to go more than once.

Atrakcje Wrocław
weekend in wroclaw

A walk around the Pergola - weather in Wroclaw

Right next to the pergola, the Japanese Garden, opened in 1913, invites you to walk along its romantic streets.

An interesting fact is that when in 1997 Wrocław fell victim to the flood of the millennium, as much as 70% of the garden was destroyed.


Normal: PLN 10

Discounted: PLN 6


For all fans of emotions, we encourage you to visit the hornbeam labyrinth in Brochów. The ideal time for this is late spring or summer, as this is when it is most difficult to pass. It’s a great place to visit while it’s sunny  weather in  Wroclaw


Spending a pleasant day in rainy weather in a city you don’t know can be a challenge, so we come to your aid by suggesting several solutions.


Laser paintball – Laser Tag

In Wrocław, we have several possible places to try this interesting attraction:

1. Headquarters of the Laser Tag Center

– ul. Sienkiewicza 8A

2. Laser Tag Nyska – ul. Nyska 61a

3. Zona 71 – ul. Robotnicza 1a

4. Laser Tag Wrocław Golden Lion – ul. Osobowicka 177/2

Escape Room

A new form of entertainment in which our task is to get out of a closed room by solving clues.

1. Secret Room – ul. Casimir the Great 27c

2. EXIT19.PL – ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich 19 and ul. Włodkowica 21/2

3. Let Me Out – ul. Bernardyńska 4

4. Piwnica Quest – ul. Rainbow 7

5. Hurry Up – ul. Ruska 61 / 6b

6. Time of Mysteries – ul. Ruska 51b

7. Fox O’Clock – ul. st. Antoni 23


Trampoline Park

This is entertainment for the whole family, you can either choose to jump loosely or buy a lesson from an instructor who will teach us aerial acrobatics. Some trampoline parks also have separate sections, so be sure to check out all the possibilities.

1. GoJump – ul. J. Długosza 59-75

2. JumpWorld – ul. Otmuchowska 15

3. JumpHall – ul. Szybowcowa 31

One of the biggest winter attractions in Wrocław is the Christmas Market, where you can find a variety of products, from gift ideas to sweet and salty snacks. We wrote more about the Fair in a separate article, which can be found in the guide to Wroclaw tab.


Rink - weather in Wroclaw

There are also ice rinks in Wrocław, we can choose between closed and open ice rinks.

1. Orbita Ice Rink – ul. Wejherowska 34

2. Spiska Ice Rink – ul. Spiska 1

3. Ice rink at the School Complex no. 14 – ul. Bruckner 10


Kolejkowo - weather in Wroclaw

For little travelers, we recommend queuing, where they will be able to admire a huge model of the city with trains circulating around it.

Address: pl. Orląt Lwowskich

Price list:
Normal ticket: PLN 23

Reduced ticket: PLN 17

Dwarfs - weather in Wroclaw

Walk in search of gnomes

Wrocław is currently inhabited by over 400 dwarfs, each with a different name and appearance? Maybe you’ll be the first to find them all?
For help, you can use the maps of the dwarfs available at the Tourist Information Center on the Market Square or the “Wrocław Dwarfs” application available for Android devices.


Aquapark- weather Wroclaw

It is a great choice for spending time in any weather, not only for children, because it has a large area with a gym and saunas for adults.

The Aquapark is the most visited water park in Poland and the 3rd most visited one in Europe.

Address: ul. Borowska 99

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