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Topacz Castle – automotive museum top 20 places in Wroclaw

Zamek Topacz is one of the 20 places in Wrocław that are among the most exceptional and unique. When visiting the capital of Lower Silesia, it is worth visiting one of the largest automotive museums in Poland, going for a walk around a picturesque lake or having lunch in a luxurious restaurant. Sounds like an interesting idea for a weekend in Wrocław. Read the article to the end and learn how to plan it.


The history of Topacz Castle begins in the Middle Ages, when a fortified tower was built in a town nearby Wrocław, which now serves as a luxury hotel. Legend has it that the fortress was built on the initiative of the Knights Templar, who were stationed in these areas at that time. The fortified tower was surrounded by a 1.7 m thick wall and a moat. Thanks to such preparation, it was an important strategic and defensive point. At the beginning of the 16th century, the tower underwent a thorough reconstruction, an additional storey was added to its top, topped with an attic, with an observation deck. A Renaissance building was also added. Another extension of the complex was carried out in the 18th century. Thanks to it, the tower gained another floor. After that, the entire complex was sold to the confectionery company Rath Schöller & Skene for 300,000. thalers. It was a huge fortune in those days. The castle remained in the hands of the owners of the confectionery company until 1945.

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Unfortunately, after the war, the fate of the castle did not go as well as before. A penitentiary was established in the castle, and soon a state-owned farm. in the 1960s an idea emerged to create a hotel with a training center in this place. The plan was implemented, but unfortunately, the careless renovation of the building destroyed many valuable historical details of the Topacz Castle. The renovation was not completed and the Topacz castle in Wrocław was deteriorating for many years.

Automotive Museum - Zamek Topacz

In 2002, the building was bought by the Kurzewski family, who decided to restore the castle to its former glory. However, an expensive renovation would make no sense if the facility was not readily visited by people. This is how the idea of creating an automotive museum and a luxury hotel with a conference center was born. In 2016, the castle underwent another modernization. A luxurious spa complex with a wide range of treatments was created then.

Pearls in the Automotive Museum - Topacz Castle

The topacz castle currently houses the automotive museum, which is one of the largest in Poland. The collection consists of over 200 vintage cars and is still growing. The exhibition is divided into thematic sections. You can admire there, among others:

Fiat 508, Sokół 1000, 600 i 200, lekkie motocykle motocykle takie jak MOJ, Perkun, Wul-Gum, Tornedo, SHL 98, czy Podkowa

WFM,WSK,SHL i Junak, oraz polskie motorowery

Mikrus, Syrena 100, Warszawa M20, Nysa N59,Fiat 16p, 125p, Syrena Bosto, R-20, Żuk, Star 25

motocykle NRD, Samochody Skoda, Wartburg, Zaporożec

Fort T, Buick 1914, Harley Wl, Studebaker Hawk, Ford Thunderbird Cabrio, Ford Mustang, Lincoln Continetal.VW Garbus i Karmann, Fiat 500, Citroen 2CV, Jaguar E-type, Mini, Maserati, Ferrari.

motocykle NRD, Samochody Skoda, Wartburg, Zaporożec

The Automotive Museum and Topacz Castle are, above all, a beautiful place surrounded by greenery with extensive alleys. When visiting Zamek Topacz, you can visit the automotive museum, take a walk in a charming park with a lake. Treat yourself to wellness treatments at the SPA or enjoy a delicious dinner in a gourmet restaurant.

An interesting fact is that the motorization museum in Topacz Castle runs a vintage car rental for special occasions such as weddings.

The conference center is an ideal place to organize trainings and company workshops.

Zamek Topacz is located in Ślęza, adjacent to Wrocław. The easiest way to get there is via the A4 motorway, heading south and taking the first exit after Wrocław. The journey takes about 15 minutes. You can also get here by suburban transport from the bus station. Then the journey takes about 45 minutes, but it is worth spending this time because it is one of the largest museums in the region

Automotive Museum Topacz Castle - tickets and opening hours

The complex is open to visitors from 12:00 to 18:00. The ticket price list is as follows: normal ticket – PLN 12; -reduced ticket (children and youth up to 15 years of age, retirees and pensioners) – PLN 8; -children up to 7 years of age (supervised by adults) – free of charge.

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