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Rent in Wroclaw – 9 facilities in Batogospot Apartments

Rent in Wroclaw is the main subject of our services. Wrocław is the capital of Lower Silesia. It is a beautiful and rapidly developing city in the southwest of Poland. It is the warmest city in Poland. It is not surprising that tourists are eager to visit this city. Every year, the capital of Lower Silesia is visited by over 5 million tourists. In addition, there are plenty of business travelers. That is why booking apartments in a city like Wrocław is not easy. It is possible that by reading this article you are also planning a trip to this beautiful city.

Worth knowing

When choosing such a trip, it is very important to find the right partner who will ensure the quality of services offered during the journey. We offer such services. It is worth noting that there are many facilities offering low-quality accommodation in Wroclaw. However, traveling in such a way is uncomfortable and even dangerous.

We offer as many as 11 luxury apartments finished with attention to every detail. The list of amenities that our apartments have is long, but not the amenities themselves are the most important, and that by staying in one of the apartments you can feel at home. We serve individual clients and we have preferential price offers for partners who want to establish long-term cooperation with us. Our advisers will help you choose the apartment that best suits your needs. Rent in Wroclaw is our specialty!

Are you planning to visit Wroclaw, contact us now!

Privacy and Security

Bez wątpienia, ważne jest dla nas zapewnienie państwu poczucia bezpieczeństwa i najwyższej jakości świadczonych usług podczas noclegu we Wrocławiu. Dlatego dokładamy wszelkich starań, aby czuli się Państwo bezpiecznie i komfortowo podczas pobytu. Zapewniamy bezpieczne metody płatności, za pośrednictwem płatności internetowych.

Private parking place

As part of providing quality and safety services, we offer a private parking space located in the underground garage. It is noteworthy that the parking space is directly connected by elevator to the apartment. Thanks to this solution, you are not exposed to strangers and you do not have to worry about the size and weight of your luggage.

It seems that traveling in a period immediately after an epidemic threat can be dangerous. That is why we also took care of the health of our clients, all rooms, especially places intended for accommodation in Wroclaw, are disinfected in accordance with the guidelines for counteracting the covid-19 epidemic. We pride ourselves on a non-contact check-in and check-out procedure, apartment keys await our guests in special safes before entering the apartment, or we grant access using electric handles with access codes.

Rent in Wroclaw for families with children

Some of the apartments for accommodation that we offer have been designed for families with children. That is why we provide a fold-out bed with high barriers, especially to ensure the safety and comfort of small children. The feeding table is also part of the apartment’s equipment. We can add a baby bath tub to children equipment for a special request.

Wroclaw accommodation for the Disabled

Nowadays, the needs of people with disabilities are often marginalized. We know how demanding comfort in everyday life is. That is why our apartments are adapted for use by disabled people. We provide access to the elevator from both the entrance to the building and the underground garage.

Traveling with Animals

For some of our clients, a home pet is almost like a family member, which is why we decided to prepare a special offer for such people. Undoubtedly, our inspiration was to create a comfortable and friendly space for the guest and his pet. Because even a spacious apartment for accommodation could not be enough, we decided to create a separate space. As a result, we have created a solution that is an apartment connected directly to the garden. The guest can go for a walk with their pet without leaving the apartment. A spacious Patio located in the city center can provide a moment of respite. An additional attraction is the garden sets, thanks to which morning coffee on the terrace will become a daily ritual during your stay in BatogoSpot

We know how important a properly lit work place is during business trips, a comfortable chair, high-speed Internet and a cup of hot coffee. That is why we took care of it all, creating apartments for you dedicated for business travelers. Not only accommodation in Wroclaw is important, but also work comfort. Thanks to the reliable high-speed data connection, you won’t have to worry about getting ready for conferences or other work-related responsibilities

Finally, it is worth mentioning our mission, which is to make everyone who has a place to stay a broad smile on their face after a comfortable night in the apartment.

We have been specializing in renting hotel apartments for over 10 years. This time has enabled us to acquire knowledge that allows us to offer comfortable business accommodation in the best way possible. We meet the expectations of the most demanding guests.

Therefore, we are aware of the importance of professionalism. Choosing the right accommodation can contribute to a positive achievement of the purpose of the trip.

Especially for you - Rent in Wroclaw

We offer comprehensive service, starting from the selection of the right apartment, through customer needs research, to after-sales service and broadly understood consulting. Our service is always there to advise and help. We will organize a taxi for our guests, recommend a tasty restaurant and advise which places in Wroclaw are worth seeing. We are available for our guests around the clock.

Because business relationships with our clients are important to us, we adapt to the needs of invoicing. We propose issuing an invoice for each accommodation service or a collective invoice for a given settlement period. We can also individually adapt to the description of the invoice, the date of issue of the document and other elements that are important to you.

What's more - accommodation in Wrocław

We provide convenient working conditions for you. In each apartment we provide an office table, comfortable chair for work and access to free, fast Internet.

We have apartments in the center of Wroclaw with a parking space in the underground garage. Thanks to the convenient location, you can easily reach the appointment.

Why is it worth visiting Wrocław?

Why is it worth visiting Wrocław?

Wrocław is called the second Venice, there are over 100 bridges in the city, including 16 historic ones. Wrocław is also a very dynamically developing city, which attracts many companies and students.

Something for everyone.

Wrocław is an open European city, you can find here a mixture of many cultures, influences and traditions. This is due to the history of the city, which was completely changed after World War II. During this time, 60% of the city’s buildings were destroyed, most of the local residents moved out after the borders changed, and some were resettled. People from various parts of Poland, mainly from Lviv, Vilnius and Warsaw, came to Wrocław, with completely different cultures, cuisines and customs. Later, other national minorities also came in, e.g. the Greeks after the Civil War in 1947. Or the people after the breakup of Yugoslavia. A wave of immigrants from Ukraine looking for work and better prospects for the future, and after opening the borders and joining the European Union, more nationalities flowed in. That is why Wrocław has become a city open to everyone, where everyone will find something for themselves. This is a very hospitable city that you must visit.

Tastes of Wroclaw

You can try here Lviv cuisine delicacies, eat a freshly baked donut in the old Paczkarnia, taste all varieties of dumplings in Pierogi at “Stary Młym“, eat delicious Greek gyros, or feel the atmosphere of the Polish People’s Republic by visiting “Konspira” or “Miś” bar. While in Wroclaw, you can’t deny the best toast in the city in the bar “Witek” which for decades has not changed the recipe.
You can also try seafood in the Shrimp bar, eat a rare steak at “La Casa de Musica”, try the Mexican Quesadilli in Pancho.
On the Wroclaw market there will also be delicacies for lovers of Italian or Oriental cuisine. Everyone will find something for himself.

Wroclaw by night

Being in Wroclaw it is also worth going for a walk around the market square late in the evening and see what the city’s night life looks like. People come out to the streets around you can hear the buzz of conversations and the quiet sounds of music, and around you there is a view of illuminated buildings.
During such a walk it is good to visit one of the places with Craft beer, over the past few years many have been created in Wroclaw, but the best are at street St. Antoni and Szajnochy. The best places offer up to 50 different types of beer.
A good idea is also to visit the malt island, where the moored barges change into bars and restaurants. The illuminated barges glisten against the backdrop of the Odra River and create an unforgettable view.
If you are already in the center, it is not worth going too far away, you can wait until the morning in a rent flat wroclaw, or look for cheap accommodation in a hostel.

What is nowhere else?

While in Wroclaw, it is worth seeing the most unique places for this city, they include:

  • Hala stulecia, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site monument,
  • An African garden with an underwater tunnel, where you can watch the life of aquatic animals from the ocean floor perspective. It is the only facility of this type in Europe. It is also worth visiting other parts of the zoo
  • Salt Square one of the few places in Europe where you can buy flowers around the clock, it is worth visiting this place before a romantic dinner with the other half
  • Hydropolis, in which you will know the water cycle in nature
  • Four Temples District, a place where different cultures and religions meet, a place of contrasts
  • Ostrów Tumski, the oldest part of the city
  • Leopoldin Hall, a beautiful baroque hall at the University of Wroclaw
  • As you enter Panorama Racławicka, you will feel as if you were on the battlefield

Shopping in Wroclaw

It is difficult to visit a beautiful place and not bring anything from there In Wroclaw you can find literally everything you need, maybe it also results from history? In the Middle Ages, the amber route ran through the city, one of the main trade routes in Europe.
Today, on the streets of the city, we will no longer meet merchant caravans, but we can visit as many as 18 shopping malls, go to the flea market at the former Świebodzki station or on low meadows. And every Friday on the flea market at ul. Gniezno. An interesting event is also the Fair, twice a year, before Christmas and before St. John, whose image is in the coat of arms of the city, takes place the Fair. For almost a month, there are stalls around the market with local delicacies, gadgets and hand-made products
Visiting Wroclaw is not easy to forget about it!