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Fair Wroclaw

Fair Wroclaw

The Wroclaw fair is the city's biggest Christmas attraction

Fairs are one of the biggest attractions in Wrocław. They are held several times a year and last several weeks. The most famous fairs in Wrocław include the Christmas market, which takes place every year in December, and the St. John’s Fair in June. If you are going to the capital of Lower Silesia in these months, you must visit the Fair and feel its atmosphere.

Wroclaw fair will it take place?

Many of you are probably wondering about the fate of the Christmas market in Wroclaw. This is such a turbulent topic that in 2020 the restrictions related to the covid-19 pandemic were changing like in a kaleidoscope. Finally, a few weeks before the fifth event, the fair was canceled. Will the approaching St. John’s Fair be the same? This is a question that may change overnight. Up-to-date information can be found on the website of the responsible ministry.

Tourists visiting the capital of Lower Silesia cannot do without visiting the fair. This event has become one of the city’s greatest attractions. Both residents and tourists visiting Wroclaw are eager to take part in it.

You can spend the whole day at the Fair, so it’s good to book accommodation in the center.

Will the Wroclaw Fair take place?

The tradition of fairs came to Wroclaw from Bavaria, where they had been held for centuries. Some sources say that the tradition of Christmas markets was started by the holidays of the Austrian emperor Albert, who announced the so-called Weihnachtsmarkt, or the trading day before Christmas. Apparently, this holiday was already celebrated in the 13th century.

Wroclaw fairs are among the best in Europe

Although fairs in Europe are very common, and in Germany alone, they are held in over 100 cities. Few of them are as popular as the one organized in Wroclaw

According to the ranking of several recognized publishers, such as the American “The Huffington Post” and the German daily “Die Welt”, the Wroclaw Fair has been recognized as one of the most beautiful in Europe. Thus, it is compared to events such as the 440-year fair in Strasbourg in France, the famous fair in Frankfurt or in Nuremberg. Although the Wrocław Fair has no such long history, it attracts crowds of visitors.

In the ranking of the German daily “Die Welt”, the Wrocław fair was among the 5 best fairs in Europe. Thus appreciating the combination of the original formula with local customs and traditions. This is a very prestigious distinction for Wroclaw.

What can you see at the market?

The original function of the fairs was to create conditions for trade for the city’s residents, today, despite the fact that there are many stalls with local products, decorations or souvenirs related to the city, the greatest attraction of this event is the atmosphere that arises during its organization. Most people visiting the fair just want to feel this atmosphere, see beautiful decorations, try a few delicacies and enjoy the moment. It is an interesting form of walking.


Baked chestnuts, pancakes and Kürtöskalács are just some of the delicacies available at the fair. Sometimes it’s really hard to deny yourself. While strolling around the fair, you can also meet the delicacies of Old Polish cuisine, such as bigos from a cauldron or a slice of bread with lard. However, before buying such a meal, it is good to think about whether we will get a better meal at a similar price in a restaurant around the corner. We’ll probably get it, but who could visit the market and not try all these delicacies …



A unique attraction of the Wroclaw fair is mulled wine sold every year in a different mug specially designed for this occasion. There are many enthusiasts who come to the fair only to get another mug for their collection.

Tastes of Wroclaw ...

Thanks to certain extremes, the Wrocław fair has also become a topic of jokes in pop culture. One of the reasons was related to the grilled dishes served at one of the stands. Visitors who were tempted by the smell of grilled delicacies had to pay a few hundred zlotys for a small meal. We recommend our guests to visit a luxurious steak restaurant, where we can get much better grilled dishes for a lower price.

Fairs and the inhabitants of Wrocław

The opinions of the inhabitants of Wrocław about fairs are divided, some are die-hard fans, others look at the fairs with a rather unfavorable eye. Events of this type always generate a lot of noise, which is burdensome for people living in tenement houses around the market square. (There aren’t too many people like that anymore) The fairs are held in the very center of the city, despite the fact that it is an area with no traffic. Getting to the other side of the city is difficult due to the crowds of people visiting it.

However, for several years the city authorities have been limiting the number of available positions, as well as setting the rules for the distribution of positions so that they do not block traffic. Most of Wrocław’s inhabitants decide to visit the fair at least once a year.

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