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Towers apartments description of the area and attractions in Wroclaw

Towers Apartments - attractions in Wroclaw

Our apartments at ul. Sikorskiego are located in the prestigious Atal Towers investment.

However, the apartment at ul. Podwale belongs to the Odra Tower investment.

The towers belonging to this complex have 18 floors, and on the top floor of the Atal Towers building there is an observation deck for residents, from which you can admire the Wrocław panorama. There are many attractions in Wrocław nearby

Towers and Okoliczne Attractions in Wroclaw


Our BatogoSpot Towers Apartments are located at ul. Sikorski and Podwale.

These are two adjacent buildings and, as you can see on the attached map, both are located at the very bank of the Oder.

Such a location of the investment undoubtedly adds to its charm and places it highly among Wrocław’s housing complexes.

Where is good to eat nearby? - attractions in Wroclaw

Regarding recommended restaurants in this area, we have two suggestions for you.

Fans of Italian flavors are invited to “Pinzabella” for a real Roman pizza!

The restaurant is located at ul. Sikorskiego 3G and is open every day from 12:00!

We especially recommend it to our guests from the apartments at ul. Sikorski, because you only need to get out of the cage and enter the next door to make a tasty journey to Rome.

acttractions-in wroclaw

You can taste delicious pizza here, and at the same time relax while watching the Odra river flow on a specially prepared terrace. We highly recommend spending an evening on the Oder – the atmosphere is magical!

For lovers of oriental flavors, we recommend the “Odra’zuu” restaurant at ul. Sikorskiego 7B.

You will find delicious bowls here, what’s more, this place also offers a breakfast menu. It is worth visiting them to gather strength for a later sightseeing of Wrocław.

The restaurant is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00,

and on weekends even until 22:00!


Odra’zuu, like Pinzabella, also has beautiful terraces to offer, where you can enjoy food and beautiful views!

Neon Side Gallery - attractions in Wroclaw


As part of the evening walk, it is worth visiting the backyard at ul. Ruska 46,

where it never gets dark. This is one of the most interesting attractions in Wrocław.

It is an alley located not all of 700 meters from Sikorskiego Street, where neon lights from all over the city have been placed after various renovations. Thanks to the initiative of the Neon Side Wrocław foundation, all these neon signs have been saved and they have become one of the greatest attractions in Wrocław. Had it not been for the foundation’s action, they would have been scrapped or forgotten, and the capital of Lower Silesia would not have gained the most illuminated yard in the region.

In addition to the light spectacle, you can sit there in nearby pubs and go back in time to the 60-70s, when neon lights were the most sought-after form of advertising!

Kolejkowo - attractions in Wroclaw

Kolejkowo are real worlds reduced in size. The moving trains, trams, and cars are just a part of the life going on there and one of the most interesting attractions in Wrocław. The mini residents in the queue go to work every day, do their shopping and in the evenings they devote themselves to the night life. Every 9 minutes it gets dark in the queue, and then street lamps come on, lights in buildings and life goes on.

It is a great place to look at the Wrocław market square and several districts of the city at once, and then admire the Karkonosze Mountains and climb to the top of Śnieżka!

This very original attraction of Wrocław is located at Orląt Lwowskich 20B Square (Świebodzki Railway Station).


Opening hours - Kolejkowo - attractions in Wroclaw

It is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00. Tickets can be purchased for entries that take place every 30 minutes.

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