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Every day our team of professionals makes every effort to meet your requirements. We are trying to be better and better so that a smile will appear on your faces after a comfortable night. We are introducing newer and newer amenities, one of such amenities is establishing cooperation with Bema Cafe. Thanks to this, we can present you a breakfast offer.

Bed and breakfasts Wrocław

Accommodation with breakfast in Wrocław is a very advantageous option, more and more often chosen by tourists visiting Wrocław. The main advantages of an overnight stay with breakfast are that you save time, which can be used later for other attractions. We cannot forget that when ordering a hotel with breakfast, we decide to have a proven, healthy and wholesome meal at the very beginning of the day. everyone knows how important the first meal of each day is. Therefore, when visiting BatogoSpot, it is worth considering the purchase of accommodation with breakfast

Bed and breakfast

Breakfasts are available for PLN 20 per person, to book breakfast, please contact BatogoSpot service by phone

The breakfast menu can also be found in the apartments or on our Partner's website

Coffee or Tea - Bed and Breakfast Wrocław


What about dinner?

The breakfast was delicious, but I feel unsatisfied.

The best restaurants in Wrocław

A delicacy especially for children - Bed and breakfast Wrocław

For the youngest lovers, we offer a delicious delicacy


This delicious dessert will appeal not only to the youngest, but also to slightly older gourmets


How bed and breakfast work

Jeden Kod – wiele Możliwości

When purchasing accommodation in Aparthotel Batogospot, guests can choose the Bed and breakfast option. After contacting the Batogospot service and paying for the “Lodging with breakfast” service, you will receive a unique Code. The code contains information about how many breakfasts you have bought and on what days. When entering the cafe, you should provide this code to the staff. Then you choose your favorite delicacies from the breakfast menu. Enjoy your meal!

Order accommodation with breakfast today

Well-fed mornings in Batogospot

There is no greater reward than the smile on the faces of guests after a comfortable night. However, the smile of an overnight stay with breakfast is equally important, which is why we have established cooperation with one of the best Wrocław cafes – Bema Cafe, to ensure the greatest possible comfort for our guests.

A short walk or how to get to breakfast

Stylish cafe which is Bema Cafe is located in the immediate vicinity of our Aparthotel. To get there, just go outside the building and cross the street. Then follow Sienkiewicza Street to the east for approx. 2 minutes. The entire journey takes about 5 minutes.

Taki krótki spacer zaostrza apetyt i pomaga się obudzić przed kolejnym dniem pełnym wyzwań!

Our partner in the organization of accommodation with breakfast is Bema Cafe, at ul. Drobnera. Thanks to establishing cooperation with the well-known Wrocław Cafe, we can offer our guests new comprehensive services that improve quality. Bema Cafe is one of the best cafes in Wrocław and is eagerly visited by both tourists and Wrocław residents. Their specialty is delicious coffee brewed from specially selected coffee beans. It’s hard to imagine a better start to your day than your morning coffee with breakfast


Bema Cafe - Kultowa Kawiarnia

Średnia Ocen

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