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The most important information about reservation

We are BatogoSpot and we will be the host of the apartment, where you will spend nice moments.

 Please print out the following information and have a printout with you when you enter the Suite.

Magdalena Żurawska | BatogoSpot

E-Mail: info@batogospot.pl


Wrocław, Bema 5b

T: +48 724-319-601





Information about your property

Name:           Balcony 21B

 Street:        Na Szańcach 8D/21

 City:           50-320  Wrocław

Country:                  Polska            

Check-in time – from 3:00 p.m.

Check-out time – until 11:00 a.m.

By sms you will receive:

the code for the safe with the key to the apartment



How to get to the apartment


  1. There are two possible ways to get to the object. One is from Bema Street and the other from Na Szańcach Street. We propose to enter from Bema Street.

  2. Immediately after the restaurant “Greco” turn right (between two tenement houses).

  • The entrance to the building is from Na Szańce 8D. This is located on the north side of the building. Entering from General Józefa Bema Street you should walk around the housing estate as shown in the picture. 
  • In order to enter the building you need to enter the PIN code.
  • The PIN for opening the entrance door to the 8D is 07677.
  • Then wait 2-3 seconds and open the door firmly (the “door open” message will be displayed on the intercom).




  • When you open the front door and the cage door, go straight ahead. Then turn right, continue to the elevator or take the stairs to apartment number 21 (fifth floor).
  • When you are at apartment number 21, open the door and enter the apartment.
  • There are 4 safes behind the door. Open the safe marked 21B.
  • A pin was sent to the safe by SMS or e-mail after 14:00 as soon as the cleaning service confirms the new PIN to the safe. It should be remembered that when entering the code, the digits should be fully and evenly arranged.
  • In order to open the safe, one should pull the lever (black element on the left side of entering the digits) opening the door of the safe after entering the code.
  • There is one key in the safe.
  • Open the door to the apartment marked 21B using the key drawn from the safe (the key matches the upper and lower locks).
Leaving the apartment and returning the deposit

Leaving the apartment should take place by 11:00 a.m. We kindly ask you to put the key back into the safe described as 21B, which is the same code you received by text message upon arrival. In order for the safe to lock properly, the key should be placed in its lower part. If the keys are not left in the appropriate safe, a fee of PLN 150 will be charged.

Confirmation of registration

Immediately after check-in and entering the apartment please send a text message to the phone number +48-724-319-601. Thanks to this we will be sure that check-in went correctly and you can already enjoy your stay in the apartment.


Wifi Internet

Internet access:


Login: Batogospot 21 5GHz


Password: Batogospot202020






It is possible to use one TV set on the premises of the building.

Rubbish bin

It is possible to use the rubbish dump on the premises of the facility. The garbage can be found from ul. Na Szańcach. 

The route to the garbage can together with the illustrative photo are presented below. The key to the trash can be found in the central upper safeCode for the safe: 1111.



If you have any special requests or problems on site, please contact us immediately.

We will do everything we can to meet your wishes or to solve your problem.


Responsibility for causing possible damage

You can’t smoke in an apartment. Please observe this prohibition.

Please report any damage caused during your stay.

Anyone can get hurt and we fully understand it. Honesty is the most important thing to us.


Additional questions

If you have any questions about Wroclaw itself, recommended places, restaurants – we will be happy to help you.


BatogoSpot team 🙂

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