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The most important information about the reservation


We are BatogoSpot and we will be the host of the apartment in which you will spend pleasant moments.Please print the following information and have a printout with you when entering the apartment.

Magdalena Żurawska | BatogoSpot
E-Mail: info@batogospot.pl
Wrocław, Sikorskiego 3H
T: +48 724-319-601

Check-in is possible at any time after 15:00 (3.00 PM). There is a safe at the door, just remove the keys and you can open the apartment.

The check-out should take place at the latest at 11:00 (11.00 AM)


Information about your object

Apartment data:

Name:                BatogoSpot Patio Balcony 21A
Street / Nr.         Sikorskiego 3H
Apartment no.    21A
Post code:          50-043 Wroclaw
Country              Poland
Check-in time – any hour from 15:00 (3 PM)
Check-out time – any hour until 11:00 (11 AM)


How to get the apartment

1. The address of the entrance gate of parking is street Sikorskiego 3.

2. The entry takes place by a gate located directly at street Sikorskiego 3 (picture below)

3. Leave the car in the vicinity of the entrance gate Sikorskiego 3 and go to the main door of the apartment after the pilot to the garage, which will allow the opening of the gate;

4. The entrance to the apartment takes place from the opposite side (north of Odra), it is the gate of street Sikorskiego 3H; (picture below)

5. In order to enter the building, you need to enter the PIN code.

6. PIN to open the front door: door_ button21874the door button, you first press the door button 21874 door button)

7. After this, wait for 2 seconds and open the door firmly (the message will be displayed on the intercom)

8. Then go to apartment no. 21 (preferably an elevator to the 5th floor). (pictures below)

9. At door number 21 (5th floor) there are 4 safes.

10. Choose the upper safe described in 21A and enter the combination of SMS or email sent earlier. This PIN will be sent after 14:00 as the cleaning service confirms the new PIN to the safe. (picture below)

11. We take out the keys to the apartment.

12. Then, go to the second safe from the top and enter the PIN sent earlier by SMS or email, from this safe we download the remote control to the garage, this remote will enable us to open the garage door. (picture below)

13. After opening the safe and taking out the keys, we kindly ask you to close the safes;

14. We return to our car and open the gate of the garage hall with the remote control

15. Immediately after opening the gate – go first up (about half a story), left, straight around the whole garage hall, up again, left and then on the right side we will see parking space number 2.5 (picture below)

16. Here, we can park the car quietly unpack and take things to the apartment;

17. Next, we go to the elevator to the Sikorskiiego 3H door (picture below)

18. There, we take the elevator to the 5th floor, apartment 21 (where the keys were previously picked up).

20. When leaving the apartment please kindly put the keys to the upper safe 21A, and the remote control to the garage hall should be hidden in the second safe from the top.

21. In order for the safe to close properly the keys and the remote control, place it in the lower part

22. When you leave the apartment the opening combination should be the same as you received by SMS or e-mail


Confirmation of registration

Immediately after checking in and entering the apartment, please send an SMS to the phone number + 48-724-319-601. Thanks to this we will be sure that the check-in has been carried out correctly and you can already enjoy your stay in the apartment.


Wifi internet

Internet access:

Data for access to WLAN are as follows:

Login: Batogospot 21AB 5Ghz

Password: Batogospot2020


Dust compartment

The waste room (garbage) is located in the garage hall on level 0. Entry level 0, just enter the garage.



If you have any special wishes or problems on the spot, please contact us.
Please feel free to immediately report any comments or wishes to us and not leave them at the end of your stay.
How you can contact us in the easiest way? We describe it in the last paragraph of this document. It can sometimes happen that we will not be able to help you immediately, but we will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.
Responsibility for damage caused

We make efforts to offer you our facilities with right conditions and ensure a successful stay.
If you notice anything that is not correct upon arrival, please report this fact to us. Do this in order to avoid an allegation of causing damage noticed on the day of your departure.
You can’t smoke at our apartments. Persons who do not comply with this prohibition will be charged at the cost of refreshing the apartment’s equipment in the amount of 150, – Euro.
Please report to us any damage caused during your stay!
Anyone can happen causing damage to the rented property and we fully understand it. However, honesty is the most important thing for us, and it costs less than hiding the damage done.


Questions About Wrocław

If you have any questions about Wroclaw itself, recommended places, restaurants – we are glad to help.

BatogoSpot Team 🙂

The entrance gate to the garage, street Sikorskiego 3

the entrance to the apartment, street Sikorskiego 3H
The road from the elevator to the apartment (5th floor)
The safe with remote control for garage door
A safe with keys to the apartment
Reserved parking space number 2.5

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