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ZOO Wroclaw -price list, opening hours, afrykarium- what you have to know

ZOO Wroclaw - what you have to know

The ZOO Wroclaw is the fifth most visited zoo in Europe and the only one with Africarium. Every day it is visited by about 20,000 people. It’s easy to get lost in such a crowd. But nothing is lost there are many ways to bypass the queues at the Wroclaw Zoo, visit efficiently the places we care about most, and even watch your favorite animals at feeding time. You will learn everything in this article.

Contact details


Telephone number

+ 48 71 348 30 24

E-mail adress


ZOO Wroclaw – online

Postal address: Zoo Wrocław

ul. Wróblewskiego 1-5

51-618 Wroclaw

Opening hours


• Monday – Thursday

ticket office 9:00 – 17:00

sightseeing 9:00 – 18:00

• Friday – Sunday and holidays

ticket office 9:00 – 18:00

sightseeing 9:00 – 19:00

ZOO Wrocław ticket price list


• normal – PLN 45

• reduced – 35 PLN

• children under 3 years and seniors over 75 years – free

• family max. 2 + 3 – 150 PLN

• group and special offers

• buy a ticket online

The ZOO Wroclaw and other attractions such as Africarium, Oceanarium can take a long time. One afternoon spent at the ZOO Wroclaw may not be enough, so it’s worth visiting Wroclaw for the weekend, gaining extra time to visit all the exceptional

How to get to the ZOO Wroclaw

The ZOO Wrocław can be reached in several ways.

  • By car
  • Public transport
  • By bicycle or electric scooter.
  • On foot

Access by car to the Wroclaw zoo, which is best to park?

Many people visiting the Wroclaw Zoo appreciate comfort and independence, so it is not surprising that visitors choose their own means of transport. Parking nearby without prior preparation can be a challenge. The nearest parking lots around the zoo are marked on the map below.

Access by public transport

From BatogoSpot Tumski (ul. Bema) we recommend going to the ZOO by public transport. 200 m from the apartment there is a tram and bus stop that can take you to the place. The easiest way is to take bus C and then at Nowowiejska stop change to tram line 1.

By choosing from BatogoSpot Towers (ul. Podwale 2) you can take a direct tram line 10.

Tickets can be bought at the tram ticket machine. A single regular ticket costs PLN 3.40, and a reduced one-way ticket is PLN 1.70.

You can also buy time tickets.

What do you need to see at the ZOO Wrocław?

The biggest attractions of the Wroclaw ZOO are undoubtedly the Africarium, with an underwater tunnel, thanks to which you can stand at the bottom of the ocean and observe the life of animals with your own eyes

Ticket prices in the ZOO Wroclaw

Tickets to the ZOO Wroclaw are best bought online. Then we will avoid waiting in a long queue. At peak times, waiting time for the ticket office can take up to 40 minutes. That’s why it’s worth thinking about buying a ticket in advance. You can do it here:

The main attractions of the Wroclaw Zoo

A unique spectacle - the feeding times of animals

Feeding animals is a unique spectacle at the Wroclaw Zoo. The show takes place every day at strict times. Zoologists care for a balanced diet of even the most exotic species.

During the show you can see feeding the following animals.

Malay Baboons 11:00

African cats 11:00, 14:00

Rhinos 11:30

Birds 12:00

Piranhas 15:00

Sharks 13:00

Warans 13:00

Anteater 13:30

Penguins 13:30

Reindeers 14:00

The biggest attraction of the Wroclaw Zoo is the African zoo. Africarium was created from the combination of two words Africa and Aquarium. It is a building that combines the best of both places.

Exhibition in Africarium - ZOO Wroclaw

The exhibition is divided into several thematic parts. Each part represents the functioning of a different ecosystem, and different animal species live there. When visiting the Africarium, you can feel completely like on dark land. The most-viewed exhibitions include:

  • Red Sea
  • East Africa
  • Mozambique Channel
  • Skeleton Coast
  • Jungle on the Congo River
Afrykarium, ZOO-Wroclaw,

Each of these exhibitions distinguishes other unique animal species. You can see how different ecosystems can be on this continent

The Red Sea is an aquarium with a capacity of over a million liters, an artificial coral reef was created there and conditions for colorful fish living in the warm waters. There are as many as 60 different species there.


East Africa

The exhibition depicting East Africa deserves special attention. Here you can find several unusual species such as Nile hippos. Huge ants or picturesque butterflies. An interesting tourist attraction is the colony of golems, unusual rodents. It is also worth seeing aquariums with fish from the great African ditches, i.e. drying lakes. Some fish species are no longer found in the wild.

Mozambique Channel

The Mozambique Channel, is an 18-meter glass tunnel running along the bottom of the pool, allows us to see turtles, rays, sharks and other species of fish in the natural environment. Admiring the sea world from the ocean floor perspective is a great attraction.


Skeleton Coast

After a walk along the bottom of the ocean, it is worth visiting the coast of skeletons, is a place where seals and penguins bask on a rocky beach. Looking a little deeper, you can see colorful species of jellyfish, and terrible predators such as moray eels.

Congo jungle

Walking along the coast we get straight to the jungle. The exhibition depicting the Congo jungle attracts the attention of all visitors. There are herbivorous mammals called mermaids. They look like dolphins. Predatory crocodiles and many species of birds. The small exhibition of carnivorous plants also attracts attention.

Not only the ZOO Wroclaw - other functions of the Africarium

  • Conference room for 160 people
  • educational room adapted for the organization of school trips
  • Business room for 30 people
  • Restaurant
  • Gift shop

Visiting Africarium you need to prepare an adequate reserve of time, you can spend here 1 to 3 hours, and yet it is only one part of the Wroclaw zoo. Arriving in Wroclaw, don’t forget to book your accommodation.

Oceanarium in ZOO Wroclaw

Many people visiting Wrocław want to visit the oceanarium. Riddles of the underwater world attract not only aquarium enthusiasts, but also all people interested in the world.

The Oceanarium in Wrocław is a separate part of the Africarium in the Wrocław Zoo.

Construction of the Oceanarium - ZOO Wroclaw

The oceanarium consists of a complex of 21 pools filled with 15 million liters of water. As many as 250 amazing species of fish swim in this huge reservoir. It’s not everything. For those adventurous, a special tunnel over 20 meters long has been prepared. Passing through it, you can observe the life of fish from the perspective of the ocean floor. In the Wrocław Oceanarium you can not only see fish and rays. The exhibition is related to the surroundings of the Mozambique channel and the Red Sea. It is in these areas of the dark land that there are animals that can be observed in the Wrocław oceanarium.

Some lucky people will even be able to spot diving penguins that are found on the skeletal coast in the wild.

The oceanarium is part of the ZOO Wroclaw

Warning! To visit the oceanarium in Wroclaw you need to buy a ticket to the ZOO Wroclaw

Kids Zoo in Wroclaw

The zoo is a special place for children. They can find a lot of attractions there. one of them is the zoo. Zwierzyniec, where children can see and stroke, and even feed special animals such as goats. In the Wroclaw zoo, there are a lot of educational centers that, thanks to simple experiences, teach children how the ecosystem works, why we protect animals, and what the water cycle in nature is like. Learning through play is especially important for children.

What is special about the village zoo?

Zwierzyniec was founded in 1865, which makes it the oldest part of the Wroclaw Zoo. The current zoo has since undergone a major expansion to become now one of the largest zoos. There are many attractions for children.

What’s more, specially organized children’s events and educational meetings are periodically held in the Wrocław zoo.

The Wrocław Zoo also has an expenditure offer for schools.

In the zoo you can find many shops with miniature figurines of various species of animals.

zoo dla zdzieci

A special attraction for children is the ZOOlandia rope park, which has been open since June 15, 2020

This unique rope park is located within the Wrocław Zoo. The entertainment area is intended for children aged 3 – 13 years. The easiest way to get to him is heading towards the “Leśna” restaurant.

For young adventurers there are attractions such as:

– Hanging bridges

– Tyrolean Rally

-Sheep downhill

It is the perfect place to use excess energy and experience a real adventure!

Toilets at the Zoo Wroclaw

When choosing you for a trip to the Wroclaw Zoo, it’s good to know where you can arrange your own needs. Knowing the places where sanitary points are located, you can also avoid waiting in queues, which causes great discomfort. Toilets in the Zoo are located in the following places:

Wroclaw Zoo open after a break

Quite recently, on May 21, the ZOO Wroclaw has been reopened to visitors. The reason for the closure of the zoo for tourism was the epidemic threat of the covid-19 virus. The zoo did not receive visitors for over 2 months, but during the epidemic a number of development works were carried out, the effects of which can be seen today.

The situation of the zoo, and covid-19

Due to the state of epidemiological threat, the Wroclaw Zoo was closed for almost 2 months. However, this time was actively used and intended for the development of the object. The Wrocław Zoo has made investments related to conducting development works, including the extension and renovation of some animal enclosures, conducting promotional activities in social media and increasing the offer for visitors by introducing new species of animals. During the epidemic, it was possible to buy a prepaid ticket for future use. During the epidemic, the zoo broadcast live life of various species. They are available on Facebook funpage. The promotional action is called #domowezoo

Sightseeing, but safe

The zoo has been opened but visitors are advised to exercise extreme caution. The zoo in Wroclaw recommends using a few tips that will increase the feeling of comfort and safety for visitors. Here are the most important of them;

  • Some pavilions are still closed to tourist traffic due to the small space for visitors and the prevailing warm and humid climatic conditions in some facilities
  • It is recommended to buy tickets online to avoid contacting zoo staff and waiting in queues
  • The zoo is open only from 9:00 to 18:00
  • The zoo’s regulations have also been changed
  • Holders of unused vouchers and annual passes during the epidemic have been extended by 72 days

Something extra that you have never seen!

The Wroclaw zoo was closed during quarantine, but this does not mean that life inside the zoo has stopped. During this time new, rare animals appeared. Most of them were born during quarantine.

The most interesting specimens include:

Takin Złoty – an extremely rare species that actually does not occur in the wild. Only 13 zoos in Europe run his breeding, including the Zoo  Wroclaw since 2017. It is a huge breeding success and an important activity for the protection of endangered species.

Ring-tailed lemurs are one of the funniest and most beautiful animal species. Children love to watch them for hours. This spring, 4 babies of this species were born. Currently, they are one of the species particularly threatened with extinction. In the wild they occur only in Madagascar, and their number has decreased by 97% over the last 4 years.

The porcupine is an extremely peculiar species of animal found in central Africa. His body is covered with spikes. Porcupines is a species under special protection against the threat of extinction in Wroclaw Zoo a new specimen of this amazing animal appeared

Mouflon is one of the most interesting sheep-like species, formerly found in Asia Minor up to the Persian Gulf, they came to Europe from the south, where they successfully settled. However, originally this species was found in the Mediterranean. Today we can admire him in the Wroclaw zoo, where as many as 6 young individuals of this species were born.

Dik-diki or the smallest antelopes in the world. This is a very old species, because the first traces of dikdiki occur from Tanzania from 3.5 million years ago. Adult dik-diki reach only about 60 cm in size.

Moto bats that came to Wrocław from the Congo Valley in Central Africa. They are extremely rare and quickly became the face of a zoo marketing campaign. They can be found in Africarium, where a special exhibition was created for them.

This is nothing but a promotional campaign directed at people who have not had the opportunity to visit the zoo. The action takes the form of a series of educational meetings in which a series of interviews with specialists was carried out, streaming in the form of daily events from garden life, feeding various species of animals. Thanks to this initiative, we can see, among others:

  • Zwierzęta dziecińca
  • Kotki (czyli wyjątkowy gatunek fok)
  • Pingwiny i makaki
  • Żółwie wrocławskiego zoo
  • Nosorożce indyjskie
  • Wilki
  • Pingwiny przylądkowe
  • Foki pospolite
  • Lemury Katta
  • Zebry górskie
  • Zaplecze terrarium
  • Tapiry
  • Alpaki
  • Niedźwiedzie brunatne
  • Leniwce
  • wydry
  • Okapi
  • Wielbłądy jednogarbne
  • Daniele Mezopotamskie

Other actions organized by the ZOO Wrocław

Let me show you around!