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ZOO in Wroclaw

ZOO in Wrocław

Wroclaw Zoo is the fifth most visited zoo in Europe and the only one with an African zoo. It is visited by around 20,000 people every day. What can be done to avoid dying in this crowd and to visit the ZOO in a clever way by skipping queues.

You will find out everything in this article. 

The mast important information about  ZOO

Contact details


Phone number

+ 48 71 348 30 24

E-mail address


ZOO in Wrocław – WWW

Zoo mailing address

Wróblewskiego Street 1-5

51-618 Wrocław


Opening hours


– Monday – Thursday

checkout 9:00 – 17:00

tour 9:00 – 18:00

– Friday-Sunday and holidays

checkout 9:00 – 18:00

tour 9:00 – 19:00


Ticket Menu


normal ticket – 45 zł

– student ticket – PLN 35

– children under 3 years of age and seniors over 75 years of age – free of charge

– family ticket max. 2+3 – 150 PLN

– group tickets and special offers

– Buy your ticket online


In our opinion, one afternoon spent at the ZOO may not be enough, so it is worth to think about accommodation and see other attractions in Wroclaw by the way.

Getting to the zoo

There are several ways to get to the Wrocław Zoo.

  • By car
  • By public transport
  • By bicycle or electric scooter.



By car, so where is the best place to park?

Many zoo visitors value comfort and independence, so it is no surprise that visitors choose their own means of transport. Parking nearby without prior preparation can be a challenge. The nearest car parks near the zoo are marked on the map below.

Access by public transport

From BatogoSpot Tumski (Bema street) we recommend to go to the Zoo by public transport. 200 m from the apartment there is a tram and bus stop which can be reached. The easiest way to get to the ZOO is to take the bus line C and then at the Nowowiejska stop change to the tram line 1.

Choosing from BatogoSpot Towers (2 Podwale Street) you can get directly to the tram line 10.

Tickets can be bought at the ticket machine in the tram. A normal single ticket costs PLN 3.40 and a discounted single ticket costs PLN 1.70.

It is also possible to buy time tickets.

What's there to see?

One of the biggest attractions of the Wrocław Zoo is undoubtedly the Africa Zoo, with its underwater tunnel, thanks to which you can stand on the ocean floor and observe the life of animals with your own eyes.

Ticket prices

Tickets are best bought online. Then we will avoid waiting in a long queue. During the peak period, the waiting time to the ticket office can take up to 40 minutes. Therefore, it is worth thinking about buying a ticket earlier. You can do it here:

Main attractions

Tiger enclosure
Penguins – it’s the last part of the african penguin, you can see them from the surface, and from a special underwater tunnel when you see them diving
Seals – we can admire them both from the surface and underwater
Butterfly – it is here that we can admire such species as the Marpho butterfly. Butterflies fly in a special room, and sometimes they can even sit on visitors

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Attractions for children

The zoo is a special place for children. They can find a lot of attractions there. One of them is a petting zoo, where children can see and stroke and even feed special food to farm animals such as goats. In the Wrocław zoo, there are quite a few educational centres which, thanks to simple experiences, teach children how the ecosystem works, why we protect animals and what is the water cycle in nature. Learning through play is particularly important for children in their development.

What to take?

You can buy almost anything from lunch to interesting gifts at the zoo. But you can’t buy memories, so it’s especially worth taking your camera with you. It’s also good to remember about a bottle of water, you can spend the whole day in the zoo, and it’s hard to miss the 3-hour tour.  Even in winter, we visit rooms such as an african or butterfly house, where the temperature is about 36 degrees.

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