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Zoo in Wrocław – the largest zoo in Poland

Zoo in Wrocław - the largest zoo in Poland

The zoo in Wrocław is unique. It is the oldest Zoological Garden in Poland, and the fifth most visited zoo in the world, with a daily entry record of 28,300 people. The zoo has 10,500 animals from 1,132 species. In this category, it is the third largest zoo in the world. This place covers an area of 33 hectares. Many tourists are not able to visit this place in one day, so we propose to divide this trip into 2 days.

Ogród ten wpisano do prestiżowych stowarzyszeń – Światowego Stowarzyszenia Ogrodów Zoologicznych i Akwariów oraz Europejskiego Stowarzyszenia Ogrodów Zoologicznych i Akwariów.

Places to visit in the ZOO in Wrocław

Africarium - ZOO in Wrocław

The Afrikanarium consists of 19 reservoirs with an area of 4.6 thousand square meters. About 100 species of animals live in the water, in which you can admire, among others: jellyfish, penguins, crocodiles, rays and many more. The Afrikanarium is the only facility of this type in Europe, tourists from all over Europe come here. The construction of the Africanarium amounted to PLN 220 million.

Attractions - ZOO in Wrocław

The zoo is divided into 12 sectors. One of them is the Africanarium mentioned above, and the other 11 are:


  • Monkey House: as the name suggests, this place is mostly inhabited by monkeys, but you can also meet squirrels and sloths here. You can see how the animals move, eat and how they relate to other inhabitants of this place.


  • Crocodile house: although the name says that you will find reptiles here, in fact you will meet here: meerkats, tricolor squirrels, African porcupines.


  • Madagascar Pavilion: here you will find small mammals from Madagascar. The biggest attraction is the lemurs.
    The Great Apes


  • Pavilion: there are chimpanzees and numerous educational boards.


  • Aviary: here there are many species of birds, such as waterfowl, grouse and parrots, such as the sapphire macaw.


  • Aquarium: here are beautifully arranged saltwater and freshwater aquariums. It was a former coach house. You can see there, among others: spotted tarantulas, piranhas and extinct Celebes ducks.


  • Sahara: this is the first point on the zoo route. Here you will meet animals from semi-arid and desert areas. The most interesting species is the saber-horned oryx (species of antelope), which no longer exists in nature. You can feel the real desert atmosphere here.


  • Ranch and Courtyard: this is the only place where livestock can be touched.


  • Terai: in this pavilion you can see: Indian rhinoceros, cap gibbons (apes) and gibbons (squirrels).
    Terrarium with Butterfly House and “Dragons of Indonesia”: you will find here many species of reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians. It is worth paying attention to the terrible leaf grass – a tiny frog with a very strong poison and a part in which tropical butterflies fly overhead.


  • Elephant house: you will meet beautiful Indian elephants and pygmy hippos here.
    Pavilion “Climate,


  • People, Animals”: this is the first pavilion in Poland where you will not find animals.


  • Multimedia exhibitions as well as multimedia games and activities have been created here. It is an ideal place for families with children.


Plan of the zoo in Wrocław


One should remember - ZOO in Wrocław

You are not allowed to feed the animals

It is forbidden to feed animals in the entire zoo

Lockable cabinets

You can leave small luggage in front of the Zoo. A deposit of PLN 5 is required.

Stroller for children

For PLN 10, you can rent a stroller for children.

Free toilets

There are free toilets adapted for the disabled in the Zoo.

Restaurants and cafes

Na terenie Zoo znajdziecie kilka restauracji i kawiarni.


The zoo has a shop with numerous souvenirs.


You can take photos throughout the facility.

Feeding times

Click here to find out about feeding times


There is a paid, 24-hour car park next to the zoo.

Price list and directions - ZOO in Wrocław

If you are looking for information on how to get there and what is the zoo’s price list, be sure to click on the link below: ZOO Wrocław – what you need to know

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