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The best museums in Wroclaw top 10

There are over 100 museums in Wroc艂aw, each of them relating to a different period of history or science. There are so many of them that every visitor to Wroc艂aw will find something for themselves, but there are several museums that are unique to Wroc艂aw and it is them that we should visit in the first place when in Wroc艂aw


It is the most famous and most important museum in Wroc艂aw, it was built to store only one painting, the Battle of Rac艂awice by Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak. It is a unique museum in Wroc艂aw, because by entering you will find yourself inside the battlefield.

National Museum


The National Museum in Wroc艂aw is a place that every tourist should visit, with the famous paintings of Jan Matejko, the tombstone of Henryk the Pious and abakans. The museum is also worth visiting because the ticket purchased in the Panorama of the Battle of Rac艂awice entitles you to visit the National Museum in Wroc艂aw.


It is a municipal armory, located in a Gothic building at ul. Cieszy艅ski. An interesting fact is that the Wroclaw arsenal was built earlier than the buildings modeled on it in Krakow, Warsaw or Berlin, as late as 1459. The building was used as an arsenal only from the 16th century, previously weapons and ammunition were stored in the basement of the Wroc艂aw town hall. Currently, it is one of the most interesting museums in Wroc艂aw.

Tours go here, Wroc艂aw residents stroll here, social meetings and city celebrations also take place here. All objects of the City Museum of Wroc艂aw are monuments of great historical, social and cultural importance for Silesia. The museum conducts a rich scientific and educational activity, it is also the organizer of many temporary exhibitions, cultural events and scientific meetings.

The Post and Telecommunications Museum in Wroc艂aw is the only museum in Poland that collects and protects monuments that testify to the activity of the post office in Poland, including the Polish Post Office founded by King Sigismund August in 1558. Museum, established in 1921 in Warsaw, since 1956 . is located in the historic building of the Main Post Office in Wroc艂aw.


This museum, which presents the history of pharmacy and pharmacy, is managed by the Medical University of Wroclaw and creates a unique place that must be visited while in Wroclaw. This is where you can learn the secrets of herbal medicine and history. This is one of the most interesting museums in Wroc艂aw


In 2009, the Pavilion was taken over by the National Museum in Wroc艂aw. In May 2013, the building underwent a general renovation for its needs, thanks to which new exhibition space was obtained – over six thousand square meters for the exhibition of contemporary art. An open-air sculpture gallery was created in the park surrounding the pavilion. Renovation works were completed in June 2015.

It is located in one of the town houses on the market square. Observant observers will surely be attracted to the sight of the figures moving to the rhythm of the polonaise in the windows of the tenement house. However, these are not dancing couples, but a special art installation

It is an important historical site associated with the political changes in Poland during the rule of the Polish People’s Republic and the post-war period, the exhibitions here are mainly souvenirs from that period and a great lesson in living history that happens before our eyes.


Every motoring fan will be speechless with delight, in the nearby town there is a museum of vintage vehicles. There are over 100 vintage cars and the property is located on a picturesque lake


It is an unusual interactive museum, during which you can enter the world of water

Muzeum Uniwersytetu Wroc艂awskiego

It is an attraction for every architecture and art enthusiast, two of the most beautiful baroque halls that are located in Wroc艂aw are located in a branch of this museum. Aula Leopoldina and the Mathematical Tower are two reasons why everyone should visit this museum.


Museum in Wroc艂aw organized inside the old railway station. Formerly, there were 3 railway stations in Wroc艂aw, currently only one is open. Although the functions of the others have changed somewhat, they constitute a piece of history worth exploring. You can admire models of electric railways from around the world.


The Contemporary Museum in Wroc艂aw is a facility that will surprise many visitors. The biggest sensation is the temporary exhibitions sent from all over the world. The museum presents an unobvious look at the world of artists, thanks to interactive exhibitions, the museum in Wroc艂aw is more criminal and easy for the visitor to perceive

Free sightseeing - museums in Wroc艂aw

When visiting Wroc艂aw, it is worth knowing about organized actions and promotions, most museums have permanent promotions, often these are specially designated days when tickets are cheaper or even free. There is also an annual campaign promoting visiting museums – a night at the museum. This action is organized in May, at the beginning of the season. This is the night during which admission to all museums in Wroc艂aw is free.

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