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How to get around the center of Wrocław efficiently?

How to get around the center of Wrocław efficiently?

Wrocław is a fairly large European city, and it is rapidly developing. Large companies are moving their headquarters to the capital of Lower Silesia. There are crowds of students from smaller towns wanting to pursue their passions and dreams related to obtaining higher education. There are also employees posted for business purposes. In a word, Wroclaw is like a beehive.

Despite such a rapid development of the city, the development of transport infrastructure cannot keep up with the needs of the inhabitants. Not knowing the city, not knowing how to avoid communication chaos, you can get stuck in traffic for many hours and not have time to do all the important things.
Fortunately, the capital of Lower Silesia is also the capital of innovation, there are many ways to avoid traffic jams even during rush hour, when it is better not to use car transport, because it is simply inefficient.

Rush hour

The rush hour in Wroclaw does not differ much from the rush hour in other large cities. It usually coincides with the commuting hours to the workplace of most residents. During a normal working day, traffic jams usually start after 7:30 and last until 10, in the afternoon between 15:00 and 18:00 it is better not to move by car during these hours.

Car rentals for minutes

There are quite a lot of them in Wroclaw, companies such as Bolt, Panek, and until recently Vozilla offer a wide range of cars per minute. However, the cost of renting such a car is almost identical to the cost of traveling by taxi, taxis win by not having to look for a parking space, which is a big challenge in the center. However, driving a car for minutes provides a lot of excitement, so there is no shortage of willing

Public transport


If not car transport, maybe public transport, it will be more ecological and faster. Nothing could be more wrong. Do you know that in 2019 there were only 3 days when there was no accident involving public transport. In January 2020, betting sites appeared where you could bet on the number of public transport accidents for the coming year. Such curiosities show how much more needs to be done to improve the quality of public transport in Wroclaw. The city council has been trying very hard to fix the situation for several years, but limiting traffic in the center for public transport is not always a good solution. This creates chaos associated with changes in the organization of traffic, the effects of which are opposite to those intended.
For all supporters of public transport, we recommend using the application as dojada, it takes into account delays in public transport and is more up-to-date than timetables at stops.


City bike

It’s a pretty good idea to get through the city center. Many bicycle paths are being built in Wrocław. There is also a municipal bike rental service operated by nextbike. Bikes can be rented using the application. The cost of renting a bike for an hour is PLN 2, and the first 20 min ride is free. Using the application cleverly, you can exchange bikes any number of times without paying anything for it. An interesting fact is that for multisport card holders, city bike rental is free. The biggest disadvantage of this solution is that you can’t ride a bike in all weathers.

Electric scooters

This is an innovative and interesting solution, some scooters of this type move at a maximum speed of up to 40 km / h. They work great on bike paths and do not stand in traffic jams. You can get to the other side of the city very quickly even during rush hour.
However, they also have a lot of disadvantages. They are expensive, the cost of traveling by scooter to the other side of the city is comparable to the cost of traveling the same route by a comfortable taxi. Scooters are quite dangerous for both pedestrians and users. There are no legal regulations setting the rules for using such means of transport. Their biggest disadvantage, however, is that they cannot cope with uneven surfaces such as cobblestones, and there is no shortage in Wrocław.
Living in the center is best to walk, around the center are all important places. You don’t have to worry about traffic rules, closed streets and searching for a place to park. The distances are not so great that you can overcome the route through the center within 10-15 minutes walk, and at the same time admire the charms of the city.

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