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Zoo in Wrocław – the largest zoo in Poland

Zoo in Wrocław – the largest zoo in Poland The zoo in Wrocław is unique. It is the oldest Zoological Garden in Poland, and the fifth most visited zoo in the world, with a daily entry record of 28,300 people. … Read More

Wroclaw card, the 603 dwarfs in Wroclaw

Wroclaw card, the 603 dwarfs in Wroclaw Dwarfs in Wrocław are a symbol of the city, tourists visiting the city compete in ideas for a photo with a dwarf. Every more famous place in Wrocław tries to get its own … Read More

Towers apartments description of the area and attractions in Wroclaw

Towers Apartments – attractions in Wroclaw Our apartments at ul. Sikorskiego are located in the prestigious Atal Towers investment. However, the apartment at ul. Podwale belongs to the Odra Tower investment. The towers belonging to this complex have 18 floors, … Read More

Sightseeing of Wrocław – trips with Batogospot

Batogospot tours – sightseeing of Wrocław Thanks to the cooperation with Best City Tour, we can offer you new services as part of accommodation in our apartment hotel. One of these services is a guided tour of Wrocław Visiting Wrocław … Read More

The best restaurants in Wrocław

30 cuisines of the world, the best restaurants in Wrocław Wrocław has always been a multicultural city, the best restaurants in Wrocław were already visited in the Middle Ages. there were also dishes from other cultures. Wrocław is crossed by … Read More

Sky tower is a showcase of Wrocław

Sky Tower – a showcase of Wrocław Most tourists, when exploring the city, cannot resist seeing the beautiful panorama view of the entire city. There are several places in Wrocław from which you can admire the city from a bird’s … Read More


Centennial Hall why is it worth visiting?

Centennial Hall, why is it worth visiting? The Centennial Hall is an extraordinary place and a world-class monument. The Centennial Hall has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the unconventional architectural solutions used during the construction. … Read More

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice the absolute number 1 in the world

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice – A work of art A monumental painting and a symbol of the city of Wrocław. This is a place that everyone should see at least once in their life. Yes, the Panorama of … Read More

Wroclaw Market Square – 3 bigest Poland Market Square

Medieval market square – Wroclaw Market sqare Wroclaw Market Square is an amazing place that has always been full of life. In the Middle Ages there was a main commercial square. Currently, the market in Wroclaw has slightly changed its … Read More

Weekend in Wroclaw – 10 atractions must see

Weekend in Wroclaw how to make your weekend in Wroclaw unforgettable Undeniably, Wrocław is a beautiful city with many attractions. Tourists from all over the world come here. If you are going to Wroclaw for the weekend, it is worth … Read More