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The best restaurants in Wrocław

Wrocław has always been a multicultural city, the best restaurants in Wrocław were already visited in the Middle Ages. there were also dishes from other cultures. Wrocław is crossed by the two main trade routes Via Regia and the Amber Route. Merchants from all over the world traveled these routes, bringing exotic spices. The oldest restaurant in Europe was also opened in Wrocław – the Świdnica Cellar, which was established in the 13th century.

The oldest restaurant in Europe

Piwnica Świdnicka, which is one of the restaurants on the Wrocław market square, is the oldest inn in Europe, which is still operating today. The restaurant was established in the 13th century and has been welcoming guests to this day. An interesting fact is that the Wrocław restaurant is connected by an underground corridor with the basement of the town hall. This corridor was built in the Middle Ages to facilitate the transport of beer

Kuchnie z całego świata

Wrocław does not have one local cuisine, it has many. You can try cuisine from all over the world, each of you will surely find something for yourself.

Restaurants in Wrocław for vegans


Bar Vega

One of the oldest and best restaurants in Wrocław is VEGA, there you can try various vegetarian dishes, Jarska cuisine, but also street food pizza and many other delicacies



This is one of the newer restaurants in Wrocław. It is located at ul. Rzeźnicza. Their signature dish is the "Burger of the Month" made exclusively of vegetables, the cutlet is made of soybeans, algae and chickpeas

Kultowe Restauracje we Wrocławiu


Bar Witek

Witek Bar is a living legend of Wrocław. The restaurant has been serving the iconic Toast for generations. This year, even Krasnoludek has reached the place. The name of the iconic restaurant in Wrocław comes from the name of the street on which it is located. Wita Stwosza Street.

Bar Miś

A cult restaurant in Wrocław in the style of the Polish People's Republic. Students like to visit this place because of the low prices. The restaurant in Wrocław is organized in the style of a Milk Bar. We recommend going there in the early hours of lunch, after 1pm it gets crowded

Elegant Fast Food - the best restaurants in Wrocław


One of the best burgers in town, even though it's a chain store. The restaurant is famous for its delicious beef. The menu at Pasibus is seasonal

Di Buła

Elegant fast food, which many inhabitants of Wrocław have liked, are casseroles made from local products that are most appreciated.

Seafood - the best restaurants in Wrocław

Shrimp House

A family run restaurant run by the Frymar brothers. The restaurant, or rather the shrimp bar, is famous for its delicious seafood, and also serves take-away dishes

Szajnochy 11

One of the best restaurants in Wrocław, its name comes from the address where we can find Wrocław restaurants. Their signature dish is sushi served in a traditional way

The best coffee shops

Bema Cafe

Bema is a climate. A wonderfully designed, bright space where you always feel good, whether it's spending time with friends, working, or just immersed in reading alone. The atmosphere is also created by good music, which is a non-accidental sum of intriguing novelties and nostalgic journeys into the past that we discover.

Borówka Cafe

One of the most famous and expensive restaurants in Wrocław, it is famous for its delicious desserts. The restaurant's location is not accidental, because it is located on Świdnicka Street, right next to the city moat. It's a great place to walk. The cafe also sells proprietary roasted coffee sets

Where to eat pierogi - the best restaurants in Wrocław

Jedną z najbardziej tradycyjnych Polskich potraw są pierogi. Tysiące turystów odwiedzających Wrocław chce ich spróbować. Jednym zależy na klimatycznym lokalu innym na wybornym smaku, ale nie ulega wątpliwości, że jest kilka najlepszych restauracji we Wrocławiu, gdzie serwowane Pierogi są najlepsze

Pierogarnia Mamos

One of the Wrocław restaurants by Robert Makłowicz and Piotr Bikont, famous for its delicious blueberry dumplings

Stary Młyn

Probably everyone listing the best restaurants in Wrocław will mention the old mill, where you can try various flavors of pierogi

When thinking about the best Spanish restaurants, it is impossible to ignore splendido, which won the hearts of Wrocław with its tapas. When looking for Spanish restaurants in Wrocław, it is worth paying attention to PAMPA, which serves delicious dumplings baked in dough. The restaurant has a great atmosphere. the biggest sensation is made by the host who talks to guests visiting Wrocław restaurants.odwiedzającymi restauracje Wrocław.

The best Mexican restaurants in Wrocław are Panczo and El Goridiato, where you can try a variety of Mexican dishes and drinks, everything is served in a traditional way, and the interior design reminds you of Mexican traditions and culture

All Argentinean barbecue fans should head to Campo or Horseshoe. The Wrocław restaurants serve delicious fresh beef steaks

There are also many restaurants serving Greek cuisine in Wrocław. Many Greeks settled in Wrocław in the 1960s, fleeing the civil war. The gres tiles who came to Wrocław brought with them culture, tradition and delicious recipes. One of such restaurants is Akropolis, serving delicious gyros with Tatziki sauce. GRECO is not inferior to it either, offering mainly local products

When looking for Italian restaurants in Wrocław, it is best to visit the italiano gallery on Prison Street, where you can choose your favorite Italian restaurant. There is an arcade in this place with various Italian restaurants.

Jeśli jesteście fanami pizzy neapolitańskiej powinniście odwiedzić restauracje we Wrocławiu – Ogień i Piec na Szewskiej

To all fans of Vietnamese cuisine, we would like to recommend Wiet-Thai, an inconspicuous bar at ul. Sztabowa, run by a Vietnamese family. The rich menu and low prices attract enthusiasts of oriental cuisine from all over the city

For all enthusiasts of eastern cuisine, we would like to recommend two delicious restaurants serving Chinese dishes: Orienteering and Dim Sum Garden, famous for its delicious dumplings

You praise others and you do not know yours. This is how all gourmets of Old Polish cuisine will shout. Yes we do! We have some really delicious restaurants in Wrocław serving Old Polish delicacies. The best restaurants of this type include:

Polish Manor

Dwór Polski restaurants are located in the heart of the Wrocław Market Square, in one of the historic, 16th-century tenement houses. Following the centuries-old traditional Polish hospitality, we encourage you to visit our interiors and taste the delicacies prepared by the Chef. In the main hall, we recommend visiting the Gallery of Personalities who visited the Dwór Polski.

Peasant Food

This is one of the budget chain stores offering Old Polish cuisine, despite the lack of climate, the restaurant surprises with delicious dishes

Karczma Młyńska

In Karczma Młyńska, which owes its name to the nearby Młyn Maria, for years the aroma of old Polish cuisine blends seamlessly with the hospitable, rustic surroundings. Here you can taste both traditional Polish cuisine and delicacies from tables all over Europe.

After the end of World War II and the loss of the eastern borderlands by Poland, many people from Lviv moved to Wrocław to start a new life there. They also brought local recipes and delicacies with them. Wrocław is a unique city, as nowhere else do Lviv specialties taste so authentic. The best Lviv restaurants in Wrocław are:


Karczma Lwowska is located directly on the Market Square in Wrocław. In addition to delicious Old Polish cuisine, it is distinguished by the highest level of service. It surprises with old Polish simplicity and elegance.

There are no visitors from Ukraine in Wrocław. There are also delicious dishes prepared with the use of ancient recipes and spices. Every amateur of unobvious culinary experiences should visit:

Cossack Hut

In the menu of Kozacka Chatka you will find: real Ukrainian borscht, brine, pielmieni, buckwheat, varieniki, Ukrainian pirożki and pancakes with various fillings. They were the first to offer the inhabitants of Wrocław Ukrainian dishes, but also dishes of Crimean cuisine


At Więzienna Street there is a restaurant “HORTYCA” which will enchant you with its unique atmosphere. The restaurant boasts of Ukrainian chefs and unique recipes.

There aren’t many Armenians in Wrocław, they really don’t like their kitchens being confused with Georgian ones, it is indeed different and more exotic, although it is the same part of the world. Armenian cuisine serves much more meat dishes than Georgian ones, and the best Armenian shashliks can be found in Armine – Restaurant in Wrocław. Caucasian specialties served in Armine have won the hearts of Wrocław citizens many times

All amateurs of non-obvious taste solutions should try Georgian cuisine in one of the restaurants in Wrocław. Khinkali is just the beginning of your adventure with Georgia, if you try this cuisine, you will surely feel the urge to visit this unique place. Meanwhile, you can go on a culinary trip to Georgia, and the easiest way to do it is by visiting:


The restaurant in Wrocław is famous for its purse-shaped dumplings stuffed with various Georgian specialties, broth, mushrooms, meat, nuts

At Georgian

Where they serve exceptionally good grilled dishes

Our closest neighbors also left something behind. All gourmets of dumplings with goulash and Czech beer should visit the restaurant Rynek Wrocław:


BERNARD’s chefs draw inspiration from the traditions of Czech, European and Lower Silesian cuisine, as well as from the latest trends and technology of cooking. Based on natural, seasonal products, they love to prepare old, traditional recipes in modern forms and arrangements.


Thanks to the combination of great Czech cuisine, excellent Czech beer and an ideal place in the heart of Wrocław, we managed to create a small Czech world.

is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and original places on the Wrocław Market Square and the culinary map of Wrocław. All good restaurants tell their guests their stories every day.

Everyone knows French cuisine, but there is nothing exotic there, you can eat a classic continental dinner in:

French pancakes

Cafee Bohema

There are plenty of Thai cuisine fans and immigrants in Wrocław. You can try traditional Thai dishes by visiting the restaurants in the market square in Wrocław

8 bowls


Indian cuisine is a combination of tastes, passion and senses. Depending on the Region of India, culinary habits differ from each other, get to know them with us.

It is a characteristic restaurant serving Polish cuisine, its décor reflects the atmosphere in Polish homes in the socialist and post-war times.

  • Chatka przy Jatkach

Where they make the best ice cream - Restaurants Wrocław

Polish Lody

An exquisite ice cream shop, which is expanding its activities before our eyes, the ice cream shop offers artisan ice cream


It is one of the best restaurants in Wrocław. It is located at ul. Włodkowica, right next to the Wrocław moat, is the perfect place to take a break from your walk

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