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Attractions in Wroclaw – how to actively spend a weekend in Wroclaw

Wroc艂aw is a wonderful city, there is no doubt that everyone who visits Wroc艂aw for the weekend will not be bored there, there are many wonderful places worth visiting. There are many attractions not only for tourists, but also for people who live in Wroc艂aw. We are sure that even if you know this beautiful city, you haven’t had time to visit all these attractions.

Things to do in Wroclaw for the first time

All visitors to Wroclaw for the first time we encourage you to visit the biggest tourist attractions in Wroclaw. We do not mean only seeing the sights, although in Wroclaw such sites is missing. Visit unique places that are characteristic of Wroclaw. The most interesting of them include:

The capital of Lower Silesia offers a lot of entertainment, mainly all kinds of sports, more or less amateur. In any case, there is a lot to choose from, from a relaxing massage in the SPA, to extreme sports such as bungee jumping


Wroc艂awskie Centrum Spa

It is a swimming pool complex located in a historic building at ul. Teatralna. The facility offers many attractions in Wroc艂aw, mn. Fitness, Aerobics or biological regeneration treatments



It is definitely a place for active people. The facility offers not only a sports swimming pool, but also recreational pools, jacuzzi and even an extensive network of water slides. This is a great place for any weather



One of the attractions in Wroclaw is the squash center, which is located near the city center. You can play badminton, tanis or sqasha there


Wspinaczka Bulderingowa

For fans of more active entertainment, we have something special, i.e. a climbing wall, the staff will surely tell you how to get started if you visit this place for the first time

Park Linowy

Wroc艂aw is one of the few cities where there is a rope park, it is a great attraction for adrenaline seekers. The park is open only in the summer season, it is located on a special island


One of the attractions in Wroc艂aw is a bungee jump. It is a sport for people with high resistance to nerves and who are not afraid of challenges. Jumping is organized in the city stadium

Things to do in Wroclaw with the bike?

Most of the attractions in Wroc艂aw are located near the city center, but it is an area of constantly forming traffic jams. There are days when Wroc艂aw’s public transport cannot cope, and recently there are quite a few such days. Therefore, if you do not intend to enter buildings and spend long hours inside, it is worth considering the solution of visiting attractions in Wroc艂aw by bike. You can rent a bike using the city’s bicycle network or book it directly with us and pick it up at the tourist information point at Rynek 14.

For people who value comfort and comprehensiveness of solutions, we have a different offer: visiting Wroc艂aw with a melex. In just a few hours you can see the most interesting places in Wroc艂aw, and thanks to specially prepared routes by local guides, you can learn interesting facts about the life and history of Wroc艂aw

Book a bike and see the most interesting attractions in Wroc艂aw

Wroc艂aw is a city shrouded in history from centuries ago, if you spend a weekend in Wroc艂aw, you should definitely visit a few of them. Museums cover a wide variety of topics, so we are sure that everyone will find something for themselves. There are over 100 of them in the capital of Lower Silesia. The most interesting are:

Panorama Rac艂awicka

This is one of the attractions in Wroc艂aw that is breathtaking, so much has to be said about it. A huge picture showing the panorama of the Battle of Rac艂awice, one of the battles won in the Ko艣ciuszko campaign, is Wroc艂aw's greatest treasure

Muzeum Uniwersytetu Wroc艂awskiego

It is an attraction for every architecture and art enthusiast, two of the most beautiful baroque halls that are located in Wroc艂aw are located in a branch of this museum. Aula Leopoldina and the Mathematical Tower are two reasons why everyone should visit this museum.

Centrum historii Zajedznia

It is an important historical site associated with the political changes in Poland during the rule of the Polish People's Republic and the post-war period, the exhibitions here are mainly souvenirs from that period and a great lesson in living history that happens before our eyes.

Muzeum Pana Tadeusza

It is located in one of the town houses on the market square. Observant observers will surely be attracted to the sight of the figures moving to the rhythm of the polonaise in the windows of the tenement house. However, these are not dancing couples, but a special art installation


Museum organized inside the old train station. You can admire models of electric railways from around the world.


A museum with books, or rather a huge library of patricians from Wroc艂aw and Ossoli艅ski

Muzeum Narodowe

All the most interesting collections of Wroc艂aw in one place, the national museum

Hydropolis we Wroc艂awiu

It is an unusual interactive museum, during which you can enter the world of water

Jakie muzea odwiedzi膰 b臋d膮c na weekend we Wroc艂awiu

Muzeum Miejskie Wroc艂awia

In the city museum of Wroc艂aw you can admire many monuments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the museum is located in a beautiful palace at ul. Casimir the great

Muzeum Motoryzacji Zamek Topacz

Every motoring fan will be speechless with delight, in the nearby town there is a museum of vintage vehicles. There are over 100 vintage cars and the property is located on a picturesque lake

Muzeum Sztuki wsp贸艂czesnej

This is an object that will surprise many visitors. However, the temporary exhibitions sent from all over the world are the most sensational

Arsena艂 we Wroc艂awiu

The former Wroc艂aw armory, despite the passage of centuries, its function has not changed, and it is still used for storing various weapons

How to plan a trip to the museum - attractions in Wroclaw

When visiting Wroc艂aw, it is worth knowing about organized actions and promotions, most museums have permanent promotions, often these are specially designated days when tickets are cheaper or even free. There is also an annual campaign promoting visiting museums – a night at the museum. This action is organized in May, at the beginning of the season. This is the night during which admission to all museums in Wroc艂aw is free.


Attractions in Wroclaw for people who like nature

If you are in Wroc艂aw for a weekend, but you are fed up with the city and need a rest in nature, nothing easier. We have several places here, thanks to which you will forget about everyday matters for a moment and you will be able to breathe fresh air. The most famous attractions of this type in Wroc艂aw are:

Wroclaw parks - the perfect place for a Sunday walk

There are several dozen parks in Wroc艂aw. Currently, green areas and recreational areas with extensive leisure architecture attract many walkers. However, few people know about the history of these places. Most of the parks previously served as Wroc艂aw necropolises. Most of them less than 100 years ago looked completely different.

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