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Apartments in Wroclaw as Hotel Alternative

The hotel is the first thought for a sensible night. Is it certainly right?

Usually, the first thought that comes to mind when visiting Wroclaw is booking accommodation in a sensible hotel. After all, you can simply call and reserve the required number of nights. We all know how the hotel works and what we can expect. There is a dilemma whether to pay less and choose a cheaper hotel in the suburbs or outskirts, or pay much more and enjoy the hotel accommodation in the center.

In the last few years in our city – Wrocław – a very sensible alternative has been made, which is short-term rental of apartments. At a reasonable price, lower than the price of staying in a hotel, we can spend even a few days in a stylish, fully equipped apartment in the city center.



Selected advantages of apartments above hotels

  • Much more advantageous offer – apartments in the center cost less than a hotel room, so for similar money as for a hotel we will get a much higher quality of accommodation
  • Often the apartments are new, they smell new, they are stylishly decorated and prepared;
  • In the apartment you can feel at home, sit on a comfortable sofa in the living room and eat your favorite meal;
  • In the apartments thanks to self – check in we can check in at any time, it is enough to pull out the keys from the safe after receiving the code to them;
  • It is intimate, there is no reception, no maids, if the Guest wishes the whole reservation and the stay can be finalized remotely;
  • Apartments have a much larger space than hotel rooms, at least 30 m2 are available.