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Africarium – the only such attraction in Europe

Africarium – the only such attraction in Europe

The biggest attraction of the Wroclaw zoo is the African zoo. Africarium was created from the combination of two words Africa and Aquarium. It is a building that combines the best of both places.

Author of the idea

The author of the idea of ​​creating such unique places was Radosław Ratajszczak, president of the ZOO Wrocław company. It is an integrated idea, it was to present water ecosystems operating in the vicinity of the black landing. It started with a simple idea and the effects are excellent. This is the only such attraction in Europe.

How was the Africarium built?zoo wroclaw batogospot

In 2008, an architectural competition was announced for the design of this unique place, which it is
afrykarium. As many as 14 projects were submitted to the competition. There was a lot of competition, but ultimately the project by the Wrocław Design Factory ArC2 won. Construction started and lasted for 4 years. Many unconventional architectural solutions have been used. Special difficult proved to be the preparation of a special thermoregulation treatment system. Due to the special living conditions of different categories. In the total temperature range it reaches 40 degrees, in others there are a dozen or so and you need to maintain full thermal conditions throughout the year.

Completed after 4 years of construction, the Africarium is completed. In 2012, the first tours were admitted, and this unusual place won the hearts of not only Wroclaw.

What can you see

The exhibition is divided into several thematic parts. Each part represents the functioning of a different ecosystem, and different animal species live there. When visiting the Africarium, you can feel completely like on dark land. The most frequently viewed results displayed:

  • Red Sea
  • East Africa
  • Mozambique Channel
  • Skeleton Coast
  • Jungle on the Congo River

Each of these exhibitions distinguish other unique animal species. You can see how different they can be ecosystems on this continent

The Red Sea for an aquarium with a capacity of over a million liters, artificially created coral reef and conditions for colorful fish living in the warm waters. There are as many as 60 different species there.

The exhibition depicting East Africa deserves attention Attention. There are several unusual species such as the Nile hippos. Huge ants or picturesque butterflies. An interesting tourist attraction is the colony of golems, unusual rodents. It is also worth finding aquariums with fish from the great African ditches, which are drying lakes. Processed fish species are no longer available under coverage.

The Mozambique Channel, i.e. an 18-meter glass tunnel running along the bottom of the pool, allows us to see turtles, rays, sharks, and other species of fish in the activity ranges. Admiring the marine world with an ocean perspective is a great attraction.

After a walk along the bottom of the ocean, it is worth finding the coast of skeletons, i.e. a place where seals and penguins bask on a rocky beach. Looking a little deeper, you can see colorful jellyfish species, and terrible predators such as moray eels.

Walking along the coast we get straight to the jungle. The exhibition depicting the Congo jungle attracts the attention of all visitors. There are herbivorous mammals called mermaids. They look like dolphins. Predatory crocodiles and numerous species of birds. The small exhibition of carnivorous plants also attracts attention.

In addition, the Complex is adapted to organize various events. there are;

Conference room for 160 people
educational room adapted for the organization of school trips
Business room for 30 people
Gift shop

Visiting the african school you need to prepare an adequate reserve of time, you can spend here 1 to 3 hours, and cut to only one part of the Wroclaw zoo. Arriving in Wroclaw, don’t forget to book your accommodation.


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